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How to Choose the Right Sound System for Your Home

Man and woman watch a movie in a living room with a Sonos soundbar.

Consider These Questions When Buying a Sound System

If you’re in the market for a new sound system, we hope you’ll swing by Control Freaks Hawaii to learn about the latest brands available. Whether looking for something to enjoy in your home theater or media room or preparing yourself for immersive music listening experiences, we have the expertise to direct you to the right systems that match your needs.

Here are some questions to consider when planning to shop for sound systems in Maui, HI.

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Wired vs. Wireless Shades: Which Is Better For Your Home?

Lutron shades are halfway down in a living room overseeing a pool.

Learn how to choose the best automated shading solutions for your unique home!

Though it is easy to take them for granted, motorized shades are one of the most important elements of a luxury home. The right automated shading solutions can bring you more privacy, protect your spaces from intense UV rays, help you diminish your energy expenses and, of course, elevate your home’s aesthetics. For all of this, we believe the smart home experience will never be truly complete without this technology.

Are you planning on adding motorized window treatments to your Kona, HI, home? Keep reading this blog to find out which type of shade better suits your unique needs, wired or wireless. 

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Ketra Lighting Offers Beauty and Enhanced Wellness

Looking through a home’s windows at a woman doing yoga.

The Latest Lighting Systems Include Full-Spectrum and Tunable Lighting

There’s something incredibly beautiful about the changing light on the Big Island. From the soft blue skies at sunrise to the golden-violet glow at sunsets, we’re blessed to live in a place that offers such beauty. 

Unfortunately, most of us spend much of our time indoors. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, we spend, on average, almost 90% of our days inside buildings. That's nearly the opposite of our ancestors, who spent 90% of their time outdoors. Their bodies' internal time clocks were set to the sun, responding with increased energy during the day and relaxing when evening descended. 

By spending time indoors, we lose touch with that natural rhythm. At least, we did. Lutron’s Ketra lighting changed that by revolutionizing LED lighting and bringing the dynamic power of natural light indoors. 

Let’s explore what that means for us and our Kona, HI, homes.

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Automation System Integrators Deliver The Cool Factor

Man and woman in kitchen customizing smart home features using a tablet.

How to Get the Most From Your Smart Home Tech

Smart home technology out of the box is … meh. It can do some neat things, like turn your lights on and off or lock your front door, but where is the “wow” factor that you wanted? It might surprise you that many home technology products don’t have a “wow” factor without further customization.

If you’re planning to add smart home technology into your place, it’s best to work with professional automation system integrators like Control Freaks Hawaii. We take smart devices and make them smarter, so they can help you live out your automation dreams. 

Please keep reading for more ways system integrators like us can help deliver the cool factor to your Maui, HI, residence.

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