3 Systems to Help You Enjoy Quality Sound at Home


William Shakespeare once called music “the food of love,” and if he was correct, recent innovations have produced new ways to enjoy a veritable buffet of sound throughout your home with ease. New devices can reproduce theater-quality surround sound in your home, let you control your music and other devices with your voice, bring your audio library with you anywhere wirelessly, and so much more.

To catch you up on all of the latest and greatest developments in whole-home audio, we’ve put together this guide specifically tailored to homeowners in and around Kihei, HI. Read on to learn more.


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The most-talked-about innovation when it comes to whole home audio, as well as managing your home electronics in general, is voice control. The big players in voice control right now are Amazon’s Echo systems with Alexa, the Apple HomePod, and the Google Home. While each device has its merits, voice control as a concept is an unquestionable boon for consumers.

The key benefit of voice control is the added simplicity the devices allow. While distributed audio and smart home automation make playing music in any room easy, voice control reduces the number of steps even further by letting you make your selections with your voice.

With a network of smart speakers placed throughout your home, you can cue up whatever music you want with a single command. As a bonus, many smart speakers can also be integrated with other electronics, such as your lights. By bringing control of multiple systems together, voice control makes whole home audio easier to manage than ever.



Enjoying top-notch sound used to require complicated speaker setups designed for specific spaces. While that’s still true for consumers looking for a cutting-edge experience, it’s now possible to enjoy quality audio using portable devices.

The biggest player in wireless audio systems at the moment is Sonos. Their award-winning systems include single speakers like the Sonos One (which includes Amazon’s Alexa), soundbars like the Beam and Playbar, and multi-room speaker setups.

While Sonos speakers have been lauded for the high level of audio fidelity they offer for the price, what really sets Sonos apart is how easily multiple components can be linked. Once the initial setup is complete, adding new speakers or other devices is a seamless process. Many Sonos speakers also work as streaming music devices, giving you access to an even bigger music library that can be seamlessly listened to anywhere in your home.



While whole-home audio systems extend beyond the confines of your home theater, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the best experience possible when you’re enjoying music or a movie in your theater. And right now, Dolby Atmos systems are some of the best available when it comes to recreating a cinematic soundscape in your home.

Traditional surround sound systems work by designating every sound for a specific audio channel. Depending on the system, sounds are filtered to one of five or seven channels, with the bass frequencies being emitted from a subwoofer.

What sets Dolby Atmos apart from other surround sound systems is the way the speakers move sound throughout the room. Every sound, whether you’re listening to music or watching a movie, is treated as an individual audio object, and thus each sound can be “placed” anywhere in the 3-D space of the room. Combined with a web of speakers placed in front of you, behind you, to the side and even above you, Dolby Atmos systems create a soundscape that literally surrounds you. While these systems are made with movies in mind, they still enhance the experience of listening to any form of audio.



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