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Explore the Makings of a Luxury Smart Home in Hawaii

The backyard of a well-lit home with a pool and palm trees.

Luxury Living Requires Personalization, Ease, and Enjoyment

Very few people define luxury living in the same way. For some, it's jet-setting around the world, while for others, it's enjoying life's finer yet simpler things. For many of our friends in Hawaii, it's as simple as ensuring they never miss a sunset. 

The same can be said of luxury smart home living. Some define it as a home with the best outdoor and indoor entertainment, from home theaters to whole-home audio. For others, it's lighting that transforms with the sun, shades that rise with the dawn, and beautiful landscape lights and a heated spa to greet them at day's end. People and families are nothing if not unique.

And that's where Control Freaks Hawaii comes in. As a Home Technology Association (HTA) Certified Estate dealer, we've reached the pinnacle of our profession, capable of supporting residences with complex technology needs. It means we excel at ultra-high performance home theater and audio systems, luxury residences 10,000 square feet and up, and residences with world-class architecture and interior design. In other words, luxury smart homes.

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Discover the Aesthetics of Lighting Design

open-concept kitchen, dining and living room space with recessed smart lighting fixtures

Lighting Control Technology Elevates Hawaiian Homes

Nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Hawaii's Big Island, Kona's homes are a beautiful blend of modern architecture and nature's beauty. To further accentuate the charm of your home, a professional lighting design paired with smart control technology elevates the aesthetics of your daily lifestyle. 

Read along below to learn how smart lighting control and design transform the aesthetic of your spaces!

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Why Ketra Tunable Lighting Is Perfect for Your Island Home

Shot of a modern kitchen with white cabinets and countertops, recessed lighting and a beautiful gold glass fixture above the island.

Discover Lighting Solutions That Make Your House Feel Like Home

Let us paint a mental picture for you. Imagine waking up in Hawaii (you're already winning) to the soft, warm glow of the rising sun streaming through your windows, coaxing you out of sleep. Sounds great, right? Stick with us. 

As the day progresses, the lighting in your home adjusts automatically to match changing moods and activities, eventually settling into a relaxing evening ambiance. We can make this scenario a reality for your space with Ketra's tunable lighting system.

Keep reading to explore how a Ketra installation instantly transforms how you think about and experience lighting!

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Perfecting Theater Design in Your Kona Home Cinema

red and black home theater seating in a luxury entertainment room with tiered rows

Translating Ocean Views to Cinematic Perfection in the Comfort of Your Home

Imagine taking the serene beauty and relaxation you enjoy by viewing the ocean and bringing it into your home cinema. That's the dream many homeowners in Kona are chasing. But how do you strike the perfect balance between nature's comforting masterpiece and the film magic found in Hollywood? 

Let's explore what’s possible in professional home theater design from Control Freaks Hawaii below!

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