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Bringing Aloha to Your Home Theater Design


Create Your Personal Paradise in Your Own Home Theater

In Hawaii, island homes reflect their beautiful surroundings by using the colors of nature, such as beach blues, wheat beiges, and grass greens. Your home should be no different; it should be customized to match your preferences, with a unique living room, bedroom, and maybe even a fully designed home theater.

Some homeowners like open-floor layouts that seamlessly blend in with nature as indoor and outdoor spaces combine. These soft earth tones may contribute to the serene atmosphere of your home theater, but the equipment—whether visible or hidden—always stands out as a beacon of luxury. 

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A home theater with Leon speakers, plush seats, and a large movie screen.


We’ve explored the makings of a media room—the home entertainment space designed for parties, movies, the big game, and a rousing competition of Fortnite at your Hawaii home. These are the rooms for socializing, entertaining, or simply enjoying the brilliant images and surround sound the latest audio-video equipment offers.

A captivating home theater takes it one (or three) steps further. Thanks to the continued advancements in home entertainment, the immersive cinematic experience and the content that supports it allow homeowners in Hawaii to experience lifelike imagery and 3D audio that leave them breathless. In this room, you melt into plush recliners and envelop yourself in another world.

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Take Your Home Entertainment to a New Level

A casual home theater with a sectional, projector, and large movie screen.

The Customized Home Theater Redefined

Has your Kona home been itching for the ultimate entertainment space—a room where friends and family gather, share stories, watch the latest sporting event, and binge-watch their favorite Netflix series? 

What? No blockbuster movies? Actually, there will be many nights spent immersed in the cinematic wonder of it all—the detailed, brilliant images that take you into the scene and the immersive surround sound that leads you away from your comfy chair and into another world.

We wanted, however, to illustrate that a home theater means very different things to different people. One glance at home theater images on Pinterest will leave you wondering what defines a home theater. For some, it's tiered recliners, large handcrafted movie screens, and starlit fiber optic ceilings. 

For others, it’s large, fluffy throw pillows, chaise lounges, and the immersive 100-inch 4K TVs. At Control Freaks Hawaii, we’ve even created home theaters poolside, immersing viewers in high-definition images under the starry skies while lounging on floating pool chairs and sipping mai tais.

What do you envision? 

We'll explore the many options and devise the perfect solution. Then, we'll create a space that exceeds your expectations and becomes the favorite room in your home.

Let’s consider the possibilities.

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Top 5 Home Theater Trends for 2021


Upgrade Your Home Theater System This Year with These Technologies 

Home entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes. What works for you and your home isn’t the ideal solution for someone else. Your neighbor may have a grand private cinema space that’s separate from their living area – complete with luxury theater seating, classic theater décor, and a huge screen that takes up an entire wall. 

However, you may want a home theater that is more versatile – one that offers incredible audio, video, and ambiance, yet is able to blend in with your home when not in use. Today’s technology helps you achieve your goal. Keep reading to discover the top five home theater system trends that ensure an amazing cinematic experience while helping you get the most use out of your home in Kona, HI. 

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