Take Your Home Entertainment to a New Level

A casual home theater with a sectional, projector, and large movie screen.

The Customized Home Theater Redefined

Has your Kona home been itching for the ultimate entertainment space—a room where friends and family gather, share stories, watch the latest sporting event, and binge-watch their favorite Netflix series? 

What? No blockbuster movies? Actually, there will be many nights spent immersed in the cinematic wonder of it all—the detailed, brilliant images that take you into the scene and the immersive surround sound that leads you away from your comfy chair and into another world.

We wanted, however, to illustrate that a home theater means very different things to different people. One glance at home theater images on Pinterest will leave you wondering what defines a home theater. For some, it's tiered recliners, large handcrafted movie screens, and starlit fiber optic ceilings. 

For others, it’s large, fluffy throw pillows, chaise lounges, and the immersive 100-inch 4K TVs. At Control Freaks Hawaii, we’ve even created home theaters poolside, immersing viewers in high-definition images under the starry skies while lounging on floating pool chairs and sipping mai tais.

What do you envision? 

We'll explore the many options and devise the perfect solution. Then, we'll create a space that exceeds your expectations and becomes the favorite room in your home.

Let’s consider the possibilities.

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The Immersive, Lifelike, No-Longer-Sitting-In-Your-Chair Home Theater

Are you ready to explore another world? Whether traipsing through the green grasses and rolling hills of Middle Earth or cast to the lush planet of Pandora, a dedicated home cinema can take you there.

To accomplish this level of realism requires creating an environment where the sensory content is so real that it enables you to suspend your disbelief. A large screen that fills your field of vision is one of the essential elements. Today’s movie screens are designed for home environments, specific to the ambient light level and the throw distance.

The other suggested equipment is a 4K HDR projector. Home movie projectors have come a long way in the last several years and now offer crystal-clear, lifelike images in brilliant colors and contrast that take you to another place in time. 

Of course, much of the emotional impact and engaging cinematic moments come from the audio. The latest Dolby Atmos surround sound systems engulf the viewer in a 3D blanket of sound. You hear the maglev trains whoosh overhead, feel the tractors roar past you, and anticipate the storm that comes around and submerses you.

The Watch a Game, Play Pokémon, Grab a Snack Home Theater

This home theater space is designed for fun and socializing. Tiered movie seats give way to sectionals. Two gaming chairs take the latest video games to the next level. Here, friends gather for the big games, the latest movies, and the beautiful music that fills the air when it’s time for a board game.

These spaces may consist of 4K HDR or OLED TVs that disappear when not used. High-fidelity audio emerges from almost invisible in-ceiling speakers. And all the equipment is controlled from one user-friendly interface.

At Control Freaks of Hawaii, we create custom entertainment spaces designed for your unique lifestyle. To learn more about the latest home theater solutions or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Control Freaks of Hawaii today.

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