3 Reasons You’ll Love Motorized Shades in Your Home

Luxury Hawaii home with motorized shades revealing views of the ocean.

Get More Control, Beauty, and Privacy in Your Island Home 

Motorized shades are a staple in many luxury smart homes. They provide unrivaled convenience and beauty to any home by offering easy control and letting in natural light. Lutron makes some of the best smart shading solutions on the market that you can customize to match your Maui, HI, home’s style. Keep reading to find out why you’ll love motorized window treatments from Lutron.

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1. Custom Designs

Motorized shades aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Every home has different windows with different design motifs in each room, and every homeowner has a unique taste. That’s why Lutron allows homeowners to completely customize their shading solution. 

Choose from a wide range of window treatments, from roller shades to wood blinds. You can also select the color, fabric, opacity, finish, and even the type of wall pad! You’re bound to find something unique that you love with Lutron’s wide range of options.

2. Easy Control and Automation

Lutron motorized window treatments provide multiple points of control for increased convenience. Adjust your shades with the wall panel, a remote, or the Lutron app. Additionally, you can integrate your shades into your smart home automation platform and control them right alongside all your other smart home technology.

By using the Lutron app or your smart home automation platform, it’s easy to automate your shades, so they adjust the same way at the same time every day. This way, your shades work around your schedule when you set shading scenes. For example, a “Morning” scene might open and let the natural light in. An “Away” scene might close them, so no one can see in your house while you’re gone for the day.

3. Balance Privacy and Views

Your Maui, HI, home has beautiful views right outside your window. Of course, you’re going to want to take them in every day. With Lutron shades, it’s easy to open your window treatments or automate them to open every day. But there are also times when you need your privacy. If you want more privacy, simply close your shades by tapping a button or icon.

Lutron also has solutions that help balance privacy and preserve those beautiful Hawaii views. For example, some shading solutions come with two fabrics: one that is sheer and one that doesn’t let light through. This way, you can use the sheer fabric to see the views around your home and let in a little light while also maintaining some privacy. 

Are you ready to upgrade your Maui, HI, home with Lutron motorized shades? Contact Control Freaks Hawaii today! We serve clients across the state of Hawaii and smart home solutions that fit your home and needs.

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