Ketra Lighting Offers Beauty and Enhanced Wellness

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The Latest Lighting Systems Include Full-Spectrum and Tunable Lighting

There’s something incredibly beautiful about the changing light on the Big Island. From the soft blue skies at sunrise to the golden-violet glow at sunsets, we’re blessed to live in a place that offers such beauty. 

Unfortunately, most of us spend much of our time indoors. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, we spend, on average, almost 90% of our days inside buildings. That's nearly the opposite of our ancestors, who spent 90% of their time outdoors. Their bodies' internal time clocks were set to the sun, responding with increased energy during the day and relaxing when evening descended. 

By spending time indoors, we lose touch with that natural rhythm. At least, we did. Lutron’s Ketra lighting changed that by revolutionizing LED lighting and bringing the dynamic power of natural light indoors. 

Let’s explore what that means for us and our Kona, HI, homes.

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The Beauty and Benefits of Natural Light 

Ketra’s tunable lighting simulates the changing nature of sunlight. You wake to the soft yellow color of the morning sun. During the day, you watch your lights transform around you, taking on the blue-toned hues that promote energy and focused attention. As the day ends, the lighting settles into the soft amber glow of the setting sun, telling your body it’s time to relax. 

As you can imagine, this type of lighting creates a beautiful environment. It also helps align our internal 24-hour time clocks that are affected by light. For example, when we wake, and light enters our eyes, it triggers the release of serotonin, our “happy” hormone. When darkness descends, our bodies produce melatonin, which promotes relaxation and sleep.

Setting the Mood with Dynamic, Full-Spectrum Lighting

Typical light sources produce one color of light, maybe a soft or bright white color that remains constant. Ketra offers dynamic spectrum lighting that gives you access to every shade of light in the visible light spectrum from one source. That translates to the ability to change your lights to varying hues and intensities, ideal for every occasion and activity. 

Of course, choosing from over 17 million colors of light can feel somewhat overwhelming. We’ll get to know your lifestyle and then program preset scenes that transform your lights with one touch. Do you regularly entertain? Tap the "Party" button on an in-wall keypad or touchscreen, and your lighting transforms to preset hues. 

For some clients, that may mean a splash of gold light in the dining area, ocean blues and greens in the living room, and sunset colors in the kitchen. Others enjoy a more subtle approach, with lights that resemble moonlight, stars, and soft candlelight.

When combined with your home automation platform, your preset scenes can control multiple systems. In addition to controlling lighting, one tap starts your chosen playlist streaming through your home and sets the temperature. Today, lighting is only limited by one’s imagination.

At Control Freaks Hawaii, we create customized, fun, and easy-to-use automated systems that enhance our clients’ everyday lives. To learn more about Ketra lighting or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Control Freaks Hawaii today.  

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