Whole-House Audio Adds More Music & Entertainment to Your Life


3 Compelling Reasons Why You Need a Multi-Room Sound System in Your Home 

When most people hear the term “whole-house audio,” the first thing they usually think of is music. Certainly, a multi-room sound system is an excellent way to listen to all your favorite songs in every room in the house. In fact, in this blog, we’ll discuss why this type of home speaker system is perfect for the music lovers in your family.

But there are other reasons to choose a whole-home audio system. Premium speaker designers, such as Sonance, turn your entire home into a soundstage where you can listen to all your favorite media – music, radio, talk shows, podcasts, and more. Keep reading to see what you’re missing . . . and what you can have in your Lahaina, HI, home.

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Disconnect from the Tech

So many people listen to music through earbuds, TV speakers, or a standalone stereo system. While they all have their benefits, they also have some obvious limitations. For instance, even though you can move about your house freely when you’re wearing earbuds, you always need to be connected to them. Or, if you listen to music through a stereo system or a home theater TV, then your movement is limited. When you disappear into another room, the music disappears too. 

With a whole-house sound system, the audio follows you wherever you go. Install Sonance speakers in your rooms, and you never miss a note – no matter where you go in your home, inside and out. In addition, because Sonance creates high-performance speakers and subwoofers, you get an incredible audio experience – one that you can practically feel in your body. Your expensive earbuds can never do that! 

No Knobs, Wires, or Speakers in Sight

One of the most unique aspects of Sonance is the company’s ability to hide its tech. If you don’t want to see speakers, then you don’t need to. Not only does Sonance design speakers that blend in with your décor, but the company also features speakers that can go completely invisible. The speakers are installed into the wall or ceiling and then finished over with the surrounding surface.

And yet, even though they are unseen, the sound from high-end speakers is unbelievable. The space produces soul-stirring music that seems to come from nowhere. Add to that smart home technology, and your entire whole-home audio system will be hidden from sight yet completely controllable via a mobile smart device. Whether you’re playing a song to start your day, reclining on the couch, or hosting a party, your audio system is at your beck and call. 

Whole-Home Sound for All Types of Media 

As we mentioned above, a multi-room sound system lets you play more than music. Use it to listen to a movie when you step away from your home theater to get a snack in the kitchen. During the day, catch up on the latest podcast you’re following while walking from room to room. Maybe you enjoy listening to talk radio or news. Keep it on during the day while you’re working, so you don’t miss out on state, national, and world events. 

A whole-house audio system also extends into your yard or porch for an amazing outdoor entertainment experience. When it’s time to host a party or family get-together, crank up the tunes to enjoy clear, consistent, and high-performance sound from your Sonance landscape speakers. 


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