3 Often-Neglected Rooms to Include in Your Distributed Audio System


Don’t Leave These Spaces Out of Your Whole-Home Audio Setup!

Many times, when people talk about distributed audio, they are referring to a multi-room setup that transmits sound to common areas, home theaters and bedrooms. Even if your audio only reaches a few spaces — your living room, media room, upstairs entertainment area and primary bedroom, for example — you’re still not getting end-to-end, whole-home audio.

Ready to take your AV distribution to the next level? We suggest adding sound to more rooms, even some that many homeowners bypass during their initial audio installation, like the recommendations you’ll find soon. Curious? Read on to learn more!

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Movies and TV shows often display scenes where someone’s dancing in the kitchen. You’ll enjoy real-life spontaneous dance scenes much more when you fill your kitchen with audio. Bringing this sound into the kitchen will have more practical benefits, too. Use your voice and a device like Google Assistant to play recipes through high-fidelity speakers. You won’t miss a word or need to rewind because you’ll hear the directions the first time they’re spoken.


If you often take baths to relax, why not elevate the experience by converting your bathroom into a get-ready room or a miniature spa? We’ve noticed that when we’re discussing audio distribution with clients, the bathroom is the most overlooked room, but it shouldn’t be. Think about it: You’re getting ready for your work day — where are you listening to music as you brush your teeth and shower? Tap your control panel or mobile device to find some lively beats, or press one button to start a “Getting Ready” scene every morning, complete with brighter lights and a pre-selected music list.

Similarly, what if you’re unwinding in the tub? Taking a phone into the bathroom to play music doesn’t produce the most soothing effect because it sounds unidirectional. And you risk not only running out of battery life but electrical dangers if you plug it into a nearby outlet.


The current local and global circumstances have made many people retreat to their garages. Why? Some of us have picked up various at-home hobbies, from woodworking to auto detailing. Besides, the garage has largely replaced the gym until people feel safer returning.

Don’t pass the time in silence! Connect your favorite upbeat songs to your new hobby room and make your pastimes more memorable and your workouts more productive.

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