Enjoy Multi-Room Music with Wireless Audio Solutions!


If you want to hear music in multiple rooms of your Maui, HI home, you generally have three choices: wired or wireless audio, or a combination of the two. While Control Freaks of Hawaii provides expert care with either solution, we want to take a moment to recognize the remarkable flexibility and audio quality you can achieve when you combine multi-room music with wireless configuration.

Whether you want music to fill the kitchen while you’re cooking or you need some music blasting in your home gym, Sonos can help give your home unstoppable sound. Keep reading to find out some benefits of our wire-free configurations for your home!

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Products We Enjoy

At Control Freaks of Hawaii, we typically recommend and install Sonos speakers. Their revered products include single speakers like the Sonos One (which includes Amazon’s Alexa), soundbars like the Beam and Playbar, and multi-room speaker setups. Control Freaks of Hawaii will place your choice speakers for you after helping you select the best products for your family.

The size or purpose of the room usually weighs heavily in our personalized recommendation. We recommend the Sonos Play:1 for smaller spaces, while the six-speaker Play:5 works well for larger rooms.

What You Can Do

When customizing a Sonos audio setup within homes, we’ve found that the possibilities are pretty endless. Sonos allows you to add speakers as you go, and control those speakers from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. When you change the location of a speaker or add more, all you have to do is add that room and speaker into your Sonos app for future use.

You can also try Sonos CONNECT modules to connect with any existing, hidden speakers we might have previously installed in your walls or ceilings. If you have an older home with a ton of pre-wiring, Sonos provides a wealth of solutions you’ll love. If you prefer not to open your walls or change your wiring, wireless sound will come to your home’s rescue!

What Wireless Helps You Avoid

We know that some of the most robust sound for dedicated home theaters and media rooms can’t be achieved without professional wiring, but going wire-free has robust benefits too. For example, you won’t have to hide the wires in your home — every component will already look as though it belongs.

You can control your Sonos music through your phone, but that doesn’t mean that your sound will get interrupted mid-dance session. Sonos uses a wireless configuration independent of your phone, so you won’t hear your text and call notifications.

Sonos users might not have to move at all to control their music. The Sonos One voice-activated speaker can respond to your requests to play from various streaming stations, from Apple Music to Spotify to Amazon.

Contact us for more information about how we can help position speakers for maximum entertainment and comfort within your Hawaii home. You can call our office at (808) 874-8019, visit us online or chat with us using the box on the bottom right.

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