How Control4 Smart Home Technology Can Improve Your Life


When a smart home automation system is all synched up, it works like a dream. With Kihei, HI smart home masterpieces, Control Freaks Hawaii has fused multiple indoor and outdoor controls together seamlessly. Our name says it all: We think lighting, HVAC, security, and more should fall within your control. The more we integrate your technology, the more efficiently you can manage your house.

Homes of the future must connect these various pieces in an integrated, dynamic, and functional way. The modern smart home drives convenience while minimizing energy costs, supporting a complex home network while reducing environmental impact.

How can you keep up? Control4 can do all of that and more as a home automation system. Keep reading to see which Control4 integrations you’ll need to help you live your most connected life possible!

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Complete Security

Securing your family and possessions comes first for many homeowners. If you have an Intercom Anywhere system that connects to your phone, you’ll never have to stress about who rang your doorbell. Just pull up your Control4 app on your phone, and your video surveillance will show your visitor in real time.

You can also implement a lock system that works for the whole family and frequent visitors. Intercom Anywhere also lets you access your home and backyard, so as soon as someone rings the doorbell, you can see who arrived at your door (or gate) and instantly unlock it for them.

Communicate with your family through video panels, and make sure that everything back home is running smoothly. If you’re curious about the housekeeper’s arrival time or your children’s homework status, you can find out answers at the speed of technology.

Smart Lighting Fixtures

Just like locks, lighting is not something you want to neglect when you leave home as light is one of the leading causes of lost energy. Turn it off or dim it directly from your phone. If you’ll be away for more than a short time, create a “mockupancy” lighting setting that simulates your presence to ward off suspicious people.

Don’t forget about your outdoor lighting too! Control the indoor and outdoor illumination from the same convenient app. When you integrate your surveillance equipment to your lighting, you can trigger an alarm or flashing lights if someone unfamiliar or suspicious approaches.

When >> Then

Control4’s When >> Then technology adapts to your changing lifestyle. Whether you change your scheduling, your taste in music or how you want your home to communicate with you, you’ll love this new release.

If you have the OS 2.10 update, you can configure your home control for when/then commands such as “When John gets home, turn the outdoor pathway lights on.” Ultimately, this technology manifests multiple automation systems working together and responding to common-sense commands.

Want to see firsthand your how your home automation system can coordinate in your Hawaii home? You can call our office at (808) 874-8019, visit us online or chat with us using the box on the bottom right.

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