The Boost Your Home Networking Needs to Survive 2020


Consistent Connection at Home Has Never Been More Important

2020 is not the year for slow-moving internet. On top of more people working remotely than ever before, all Hawaii public schools are required to participate in virtual learning this year. You’re already learning how to juggle all the responsibilities of your job on top of helping your children adapt to virtual learning. Spotty Wi-Fi is the last thing you need to be dealing with during your workday.

Your home network is the backbone of successful remote work and learning, and without it, you’ll struggle to keep up. If you already know that your home networking could use a boost, our team highly recommends Ubiquiti’s UniFi.

In this blog post, we’ll unpack how Ubiquiti’s UniFi gives you the Wi-Fi connection your Maui, HI home needs to handle remote work and virtual learning.

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High-Speed Connection So You Don’t Fall Behind

Nothing is worse—or more embarrassing—than your video and audio lagging during a Zoom meeting. It risks making you look unprofessional, and you have to work double-time to make sure you have all the vital information discussed in your meeting.

For your kids, poor connection can be a serious disruptor to their education—especially if they’re younger. Missing out on important parts of a lesson can leave gaps in their understanding and impact their grades. Your home networking needs a robust infrastructure that minimizes or eliminates this problem.

Ubiquiti is the global leader in managed Wi-Fi, and UniFi Access Points are the standard for high-performance Wi-Fi. Our job is to ensure you have every piece of technology you need for a high-speed connection that goes uninterrupted and that you experience a simple installation.

Full Coverage Wi-Fi for Your Entire Home

How useful is your Wi-Fi if you can only access it in certain spots of your home? When you have the entire family working and learning from home, you need Wi-Fi that reaches every corner of your property so that you can all work uninterrupted in separate parts of your house.

If you want your Wi-Fi to be accessible throughout your property, you’re going to need installed access points. Our team and customers love UniFi because its access points provide the dependable service they need without taking away from interiors and aesthetics. Their low-profile design and ceiling mounts seamlessly integrate into your ceilings without any hassle, and once they’re in place, you won’t even notice them.

Manage Home Networking with Ease

While the office and school have easy access to their own IT department whenever they come across hiccups in their network connection, it’s probably safe to say your home didn’t come with its own IT guy.

Ubiquiti makes managing your Wi-Fi simple and ensures you have centralized control from your preferred smart device to use and view your interface on. The user-friendly interface allows you to manage all you need from one centralized source. You can check in on real-time data, view RF mapping, set how the system’s advanced security is maintaining your network, and so much more!

We’re Your Support for Home Networking

Control Freaks Hawaii is here for all of your home networking and home automation needs during these challenging times you’re trying to navigate. To find out if Ubiquiti’s UniFi is right for your Maui home, you can call our office, fill out our online contact form, or chat with us using the box on the bottom right of your screen. We look forward to speaking with you!

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