A Day in the Life with a Whole-Home Audio System


How a Multi-Room Speaker System Brings More Enjoyment to Your Life

Make music an integral part of your life. You already enjoy listening to your favorite songs in the car, through your earbuds, or while listening to Pandora or Spotify viayour TV speakers. Why not expand the possibilities and make the experience even better? With a whole-home audio system, the music follows you wherever you go – inside and outside your home in Kaanapali, HI.

Multi-room sound paired with your home automation system makes every day one that is filled with the music or audio you enjoy, such as podcasts, news, or radio programs. Keep reading to see how a whole-home speaker system enhances your music-listening experience in every room.

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Start the day with melodious tunes that ease you into your morning. As the motorized shades automatically rise at daybreak, your favorite “wake-up” songs play through the wireless Sonos speaker system in your bedroom. Because you’ve already programmed everything in your smart home tablet, the music plays at the perfect level and the perfect time. Isn’t that a better way to start the day than hearing a blaring alarm? 


As you make your way into the bathroom to freshen up before breakfast, your smart lighting turns on for you. Not too dim and not too bright. Your home automation system ensures the light is the right hue and luminosity to suit your sleepy eyes. Also, the same music in the bedroom carries over into the bathroom, so you don’t miss a single note or break the pleasant rhythm of your morning. 


Morning, lunch, and dinner – your whole-home speaker system makes preparing for meals a joyous occasion. In the morning, speak to your voice assistant (which is integrated with your home audio system) to play the latest news or your favorite morning show. In the evening, as you prepare supper, crank up the system to hear high-fidelity music from your favorite artists to celebrate the end of long day.

Multipurpose Media Room

Relax in your luxury theater seat, your comfortable sofa, or an easy chair as you sip a cocktail – and soak yourself in the songs you love. A whole-home sound system is perfectly integrated with a high-end system in your dedicated multimedia space. That way, when you want to appreciate every nuance and detail of the music, you can do so right in front of your high-end speaker system. Or turn on your big screen 4K UHD TV to watch movie while hearing amazing audio that surrounds you. 

Outdoor Spaces

Why not take the musical entertainment outsideAs music fills the rooms inside your home, you can also listen to the same songs through Klipsch outdoor speakers while spending time with family and friends by the firepit, on the porch, or in the pool. If guests need to go indoors, the same songs follow them – creating a seamless music experience throughout your home. If you’d like, a distributed audio system also plays different songs in separate rooms in your house. So, everyone – no matter where they are – can enjoy the tunes they love. 

Elevate your life with a multi-room audio system that makes music come alive in every part of your house. Find out more by calling Control Freaks at (808) 874-8019 or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to making your days more musical!

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