Set a Custom Lighting Scene for Every Room and Every Occasion


How Lutron Lighting Control Works Perfectly with Your Smart Home Automation System

Does your bedroomliving room, kitchen, and home theater have the same décor? More than likely, every room in your house looks unique with different floors, paint color, décor, and lighting. Why is that? It’s because we enjoy variety. It doesn’t need to be something big, though. Sometimes, little changes in a room’s décor have a big impact on the appearance and even your reaction to it.

One of the most effective, impressive, and modern ways to update your home’s design motif is to install smart lighting control by LutronSmart home automation and smart lights allow you to set scenes for each room and every event in your life. Keep reading to see how lighting scenes update your lifestyle in Wailea, HI.

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Home Theater 

It’s movie night! So, you gather the family, step into your home theater, and turn on the lights. And you’re struck with the harsh reality of incandescent bulbs. Nothing is wrong with incandescent lighting. But in your home theater? You have better options! For instance, Lutron has a wide range of attractive lights for your home theater, such as fiber optic lighting, recessed and tunable (color-changing) LED lights, sconces, cove lighting, LED strips, backlighting, and more. 

New and improved lights transform your private cinema into a stunning home entertainment space. Best of all, after programming a scene (such as “Movie Night”) in your smart home tablet, all you need to do is touch a button, and the lights adjust to your settings.

Dining Room 

Dinnertime lighting doesn’t need to be the same every evening. After all, you don’t serve the same meals every night. Lutron lighting control, when integrated with your smart home systemlets you set the right atmosphere. If you’re having a romantic dinner, tap the scene on your tablet, wall panel, or smartphone. Then something beautiful happens. The lights dim and change to a soothing amber color or any color you want. Why not add music into the mix? You can program the “Romantic Dinner” scene to turn on the whole-home audio system too. If it’s family dinner night, touch a scene that adds color and illumination for your time together.  

Bedroom & Living Area

Smart lights help you go to bed faster and wake up refreshed. In fact, some smart lights adjust to your body’s natural circadian rhythm by changing color and intensity throughout the day. In the evening, while you’re starting to wind down, they go from blue-white light to a warmer color to stimulate the production of melatonin – a hormone that regulates the sleep and wake cycle. In the morning, when it’s time to wake, your smart lights automatically adjust to a bluer hue, easing you into the day. Of course, you can program the lighting scene any way you want – adjusting colors, brightness, and schedules. You can also set your Lutron motorizeshades to open and close at different times during the day. 

Outdoor Entertainment

Your outdoor spaces are quite versatile. That is, you probably use them for multiple occasions – big parties, small get-togethers, time with your family, and time alone. And even then, every event is different. A programmable light scene will complement any outdoor entertainment event in your life. Whether you’re hosting a large party with music or a quaint gathering with a few friends, smart landscape lights set the scene for everything. In fact, they’ll turn an ordinary outdoor occasion into a memorable time. Not only can you add color, but you can adjust every lighting system – tree lights, pathway lights, pool lights, and patio lights – to operate according to your preferences. 

Would you like to learn how to change the atmosphere in your home with custom lighting scenes? Call Control Freaks today or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. 

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