2 Reasons to Integrate a Lighting Control System into Your Smart Home


Whether you’re looking to create a bright and festive atmosphere or something cool and subdued, installing the right lighting technology and user system can make it happen.

Smart lighting can have an immediate impact on the quality of your life as well as the value of your home. It can also ensure a level of security, save you money on energy bills, and make life all the more convenient.

In-home lighting control systems, designed and integrated by Control Freaks in Maui, HI, can be accessed through the smart device of your choice whether it be your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. With this kind of sophisticated lighting setup, you’re guaranteed to give your family and friends a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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1. Smart Home Lighting Installations Make for Comfort and Convenience

Your beautiful home deserves to exude the kind of atmosphere that reflects your mood and personality.

With smart home lighting technology, you can walk into your den or game room and tell your system, “it’s movie time!” Your overhead lights will immediately dim while strategically placed floor lights will activate at the same time to give your entertainment room an in-theatre atmosphere.

Or perhaps you prefer using an interactive touchscreen mounted to your wall? You could walk into your kitchen as you're about to prepare a meal and press the “cook” button that will illuminate your food prep area to a well-lit setting.

Your lighting control system can also be integrated with other smart home technology so that by giving simple commands, through smart speakers or your smartphone, you can prepare the entire house for specific events.

When you are ready for bed, you can simply press a single button or say, “nighttime,” and all the lights in the house you preset will turn off. Also, when other systems are integrated, the same command could turn on your security system, lock all your doors, and lower your thermostat all at once.

2. Modern Lighting Installations Provide a Better Quality of Light

Traditional in-home light sources only produce light within a specific color temperature, allowing for only a harsh bright kind of lighting or something with an orange tinge.

This is why at Control Freaks we recommend modern lighting systems that can produce a vast range of colors that include various shades of white as well as countless colorful options.

One of the most innovative brands we have come to rely on is on Ketra.

Their lighting systems employ dynamic spectrum technology that can access a range of different whites. And, their tunable LED lights and high-definition palette are able to extract a vast selection of saturated colors that can enhance the look of any room in your home.

Ketra’s devices also contain high-tech calibration and control mechanisms that allow the quality of light sources to retain their brightness and saturation levels.

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