What Can Motorized Shades Do for Your Business?


After months of staying at home, some of us are finally starting to return to work, even if it’s just part time. As a Kona, Hawaii business owner, you face a lot of pressure to maintain a pleasant work environment, now that the physical office is back into focus.

Prospects, clients, contractors and visitors will start to trickle in more often as travel opens up. Their first impression could make or break a deal or an employment contract, and your building’s lighting can influence how someone might perceive your space.

One of our favorite ways to enhance any building’s comfort, convenience, wellness and modernity is by implementing motorized shades. They save energy while also fulfilling your lighting design goals. Though they look unassuming and are usually relegated to the bottom of your commercial project to-do list, we’ve found some surprising reasons that you should add automated window treatments to your building this quarter.

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Remote Management

It’s more important than ever to have flexibility in not only how you work, but how you manage your workplace. Whether your decision to work remotely stems from enhancing productivity or minimizing contact risk, you need a way to control your shades from anywhere.

The manual shades you probably have now fail to provide the access you need. On one hand, if no one is in the conference room and the window shades are up for days on end, you might be met with high electric bills (more on this later!). Also, no one wants to drive to the office to adjust the shades, and you shouldn’t have to.

Motorized window treatments let you remotely manage various shade functions like open, close, lower, etc. for all of your shades simultaneously or one at a time. You can open any connected mobile device and control every shade throughout the building or give your other telecommuting management staff authorization to manage lighting and shades.

Cost Savings

During this pandemic, most companies have taken a hit. Motorized window treatments can help you save money long term during this regrowth period. How?

As previously mentioned, hot island days creep into our air-conditioned indoor spaces if we don’t block the light – a fact that’s more alarming when you consider that about 80% of the light coming in becomes heat. This heat, in turn, means that your HVAC system works much harder, compounding energy costs. Honeycomb shades trap heat into tiny pockets before it gets released into the room. That controlled heat means enhanced comfort to your employees and cost savings for your business. You can also use blackout shades to block light and heat, while canceling ambient light -- a helpful setup in a room with a projector.

Sick Building Syndrome

We always aim to provide wellness-boosting solutions, and our current world practically demands that each of us does everything within our power to stay well. Often times, lackluster office buildings have the opposite effect, a phenomenon known as “sick building syndrome.” Though the root cause of SBS is still unknown, bad lighting has shown to cause malaise symptoms. When surveyed by the American Society of Interior Design, nearly 70 percent of employees voiced dissatisfaction with their office lighting.  You may have bought a lighting control system in hopes to boost wellness, but when you don’t control the light that enters from outside, you negate some of your investment’s benefits.

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