4 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer


Although we all appreciate our breezy, balmy island, we know how warm it can get during the summertime, often uncomfortably so. Those who don’t have a smart home will have a much more difficult task managing the heat. For example, they might have to walk around the house turning on fans or lowering shades - a bothersome, time-consuming task if you have a large or multi-level Lahaina home.

Facilitate your most luxurious island life with a little help from smart home technology. We install convenient tools like
climate control that let you manage temperatures from your phone or with your voice. Motorized shades will stabilize temperatures throughout the day (No more mid-afternoon heat waves!) and help you lower energy bills. And you can stay cool by the pool or patio with automated fans and fun pool setting controls. Learn how these technologies coexist to give you a comfortable, energy-efficient Hawaii residence or vacation home.

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Climate Control

Control4’s OS 2 and OS 3 both have incredible climate control solutions built in. Since OS 3 is more up to date, we’ll focus on it today. When you’re looking at a mobile device or a control pad, you’ll see adjustment options at the top of your screen -- including both temperature and humidity settings. You will also see a schedule option: Set up a detailed schedule or let automated settings take over and cool once the air temperature rises. From your OS 3 control panel, you can create settings for the whole house, or customize single rooms in just a few swipes.

Motorized Shades

Even when you have an HVAC system running, incoming light through the windows can heat up rooms. According to Energy.gov, in cooling seasons, about 76% of the sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows enters to become heat, when you don’t have any window treatments. Lutron’s honeycomb shades capture some of that incoming heat before you feel it. Set them on a schedule to control light when and where you most need it.

Automated Fans

Did you know that Control4 also offers fan integration as part of its climate control package? You’ll get four speed buttons and an off button on an attractive wall panel. We can program the fans to start spinning automatically when heat or humidity rises, or trigger them to stop as soon as your smoke alarm goes off.

Pool Functions

Control4 recently partnered with Hayward OmniLogic – and pool and spa owners and Control4 users everywhere rejoiced. Now, you can control the temperature, lighting and filter pumps for your pool, as well as the jet settings and temperature of your hot tub. Further, since Control4 can manage outdoor A/V components, this integration also facilitates poolside movie viewing and audio streaming.

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