4 Ways to Enhance Your Smart Home Design


You’ve spent more time this year looking at your four walls than you usually do, and sometimes that view gets a bit stale. During these last few months, many homeowners have seen their Kona, Hawaii, homes in a completely new light: The increased exposure caused many of us to explore upgrade opportunities, paint the walls a different color, or look into a higher-performance internet service.

You might assume -- and reasonably so -- that adding technology might clutter or otherwise mar your smart home design. But when we look more closely, you’ll find that strategic use does wonders for your design goals, whether you’re fond of traditional looks or ultra-modern themes. We’ll explain how integrated technology, when well designed, improves how your residence functions AND looks.

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Minimize Wires

Too many wires sticking out everywhere can prove a distracting eyesore, especially in rooms that require a focused experience, like a home theater or dedicated listening room. Immerse yourself in what you’re watching -- not the surrounding wires -- by enlisting an expert integration and electrical technician from Control Freaks Hawaii. We organize your cabling into clean, organized racks, hide as many as possible into walls and floors, or forego wired technology when possible to achieve this streamlined look.

Make Colors Pop

Whether you’re hoping to emphasize a bold statement piece or some elegant architecture, lighting control allows you to complement any space. Suddenly, the wallpaper’s colors pop at night under a rose-gold glow, or your bathroom tiles shine in a crisp, icy white.

CEDIA’s Lutron demo showed an abstract painting that changed colors drastically after the representative finely tuned the brightness and tone. At first, viewers saw a bright magenta piece full of curved lines. One quick lighting scene yielded what seemed like a new image, full of blue lighting and clean lines. Lutron scenes are engineered to handle the most complex commands -- such as brightening accent lights while dimming main lights to create an ambiance -- but all the end user (a.k.a. Impromptu lighting designer) needs to do is press one button!

Add Visual Interest While Managing Light

Motorized shades perform many functions that bolster an overall design concept. For example, they can add virtually any color or pattern to your wall, thanks to Lutron’s variety and custom-printing options. Have a large window that shows off a view? Stun visitors as one button-press unveils an island landscape.

Maybe you already have a lighting control system but haven’t invested in shades yet. Just know that without the ambient-light controlling abilities that motorized shades provide, you’re not getting the full effect of your system. Whether an annoying glare disturbs your screen during afternoon hours, or unwanted brightness spills into a room that you prefer to be dark -- like a home theater or study -- shades come in multiple opacities that filter out just the right amount of lighting.

All the Fixtures

Some design features celebrate a room’s overall aesthetic, like the lighting scenes we mentioned above. Others put details into sharp focus. At first, you might assume choosing the right fixtures doesn’t make a huge difference, but it’s another accessory in your home.

Would you let someone else pick a decorative wall piece or side table for you? Similarly, poorly chosen lighting fixtures or control panels damage your aesthetic. We’ll help you pick the right finishes or designs that suit your home’s style, color palettes and furnishings. For example, our partner,
Lutron, creates four distinct styles and multiple finishes just for their dimmers.

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