How Hidden TVs Blend in with Your Home Décor


3 Ways to Hide Your TV and Enhance the Beauty of Your Room

Everybody loves watching TV when it’s on. But what happens when it’s off? Right there on the wall, you have a large black box that adds nothing to your home décor. Even though you’ve become accustomed to it, that doesn’t mean you should settle for it. Instead, make use of the space when you switch off your TV. Hidden TVs offer a better way to add artistry and sophistication to your home in Maui, HI.

In this blog, we’ll focus on three ways to hide your TVs and even transform them to improve your living space. Keep reading for all the details!

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1. Turn Your TV into Artwork

Look at the photo above. What do you see? The large picture in the center is actually a TV! The Samsung Frame TV disguises itself when not in use, transforming into a framed painting or picture that adds subtle beauty to your room. The design blends in flawlessly to improve the ambiance of your home. In fact, the resolution is so good that your guests might not even know it’s a TV.

The image on the Samsung Frame TV is vivid and highly realistic due to quantum dot technology. It doesn’t look like a TV picture at all. With more than one billion colors, the Frame can match the color and luminosity of your home’s lighting perfectly to ensure a life-like photo or painting. Choose between four different mat layouts and 16 colors to meet your home design motif.

2. Make It a Mirror!

When the TV is off, sometimes you can see yourself in it. But in this case, mirror TVs offer more than just a dim reflection. Instead, they become actual mirrors. Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and even living rooms, the mirror TV is ideal for homeowners who want a modern and sleek design in their space. There are hundreds of frame options and many sizes to suit your needs.

Enjoy 4K movies and TV shows when it’s on and a beautiful framed mirror when it’s off. Today’s models from Samsung and other brands are very slim too, which allows you to mount them close to the wall, blending in seamlessly with your décor.

3. Hide Your TV Completely

If you don’t want a mirror TV or one that turns into artwork, that’s ok too. The third option is a TV that completely hides itself. A pop-up or ceiling TV lift reveals and conceals your display with the touch of a button on your smart home tablet or remote. Lower your TV from within the ceiling, lift it from beneath the floor, or hide it within a wall panel. Your TV smoothly and quietly reveals itself when you’re ready to watch a movie in your living room, bedroom, or home theater. You can also choose an ultra-short-throw projector that hides in a table up against the wall when not in use.


Transform your home entertainment space with hidden TVs. Call Control Freaks, chat with us below, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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