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In the past, most of the online reviews of Kaleidescape have agreed that it is truly amazing technology, but it is way too expensive.  With the recent announcement from the CEO regarding their new Encore System, Kaleidescape is more accessible and more affordable than ever before.
"We are very proud to introduce our new Encore line of movie players and servers, which provides the industry's finest sound and picture quality, and the most entertaining and convenient way to experience your movies at home," said Cheena Srinivasan, Kaleidescape co-founder and CEO. "Our new Strato movie player provides the most authentic home-cinema experience. Our new Terra product is Kaleidescape's third-generation movie server; it incorporates everything we learned from the first two generations. These new products are supported by the release of our new movie store, which is more attractive and easier to navigate than ever before. To date, Kaleidescape has licensed over 11,000 movies and 1,500 television seasons for our movie store. We also provide a way for you to seamlessly integrate your DVDs and Blu-ray discs with the content you download from our movie store."
 Kaleidescape Encore System
The centerpiece of Encore is the Kaleidescape Strato Movie Player, the world's first 4K Ultra HD high-dynamic-range movie player for the home.  The Encore line also includes the Kaleidescape Alto Movie Player, a new movie server named Terra, and a disc server that makes it easy to select and play DVDs and Blu-ray discs on a Strato or Alto movie player.  With an optional 6TB hard drive that can store up to 100 4K Ultra HD movies, 150 Blu-ray quality movies, or 900 DVD quality movies the Strato can be used as a dedicated player or in a system working with additional Encore components. Without this internal hard drive you will need to store your movies on a separate Terra server, where up to seven Strato players can simultaneously play 4K movies and up to 15 players can simultaneously play Blu-ray quality movies.  All Kaleidescape components function as one system that share content.  The onscreen user interface aggregates and displays these shared movies as a unified collection. This feature has been the hallmark of Kaleidescape since the company's inception.  
Imagine playback quality that matches or surpasses that of commercial theaters. Each of your movies are downloaded and stored on the Strato's hard drive or on a Terra Movie Server. You will still be able to view all of the deleted scenes, any other extras that were included and it will copy every pixel of quality that’s on that disc.  The Strato plays back available movies in full 4K Ultra HD, at up to 60 frames per second, also without the startup delays, buffering messages, or quality drops that are so common with all streaming services. 
"I've long argued that streaming offers immediacy and convenience, but the Internet can't deliver a reliable high-bit-rate content stream, such as 4K, unless it is heavily compressed," said industry analyst Dan Rayburn, Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "Kaleidescape's model of downloading and playing back from a local hard drive is the only way to get Internet-delivered content to match a 4K disc experience. Many of the service providers touting 4K content are capping their streaming bit-rates at 16 Mbps. So, naturally, Strato's local playback--with bit-rates up to 100 Mbps--will deliver better picture and sound quality." he added.
Kaleidescape improved it's online store, where you can purchase movies, complete with all the quality and all the extras you would expect.  You will be impressed with how easy it is to view your entire movie collection on your TV, sorting, searching or viewing all of the Blu Ray/DVD covers.  One of the best things about playing a movie aside from the quality is the movie starts instantly.  Imagine not seeing any warnings, previews or the menu and getting right to the opening credits!     
Kaleidescape Movie Store
Even though their remote control is easy and comfortable to use, we usually integrate the Kaleidecape system into our Control4 solutions.  There’s also a free remote-control app for the iPad for customers looking for alternative ways to find their favorite movie.  There’s also an optional children’s remote available for kids that will hide all of the adult movie choices if any button is pressed.  The child will only have access to the movies the parents have added to the Child collection. 
Recently, Kaleidescape announced a new partnership with 20th Century Fox to bring the studio's films and TV shows to the Kaleidescape Movie Store.  In addition to the new titles from 20th Century Fox, the Kaleidescape Movie Store currently offers over 11,000 movies and 2,000 television seasons, including 4K HDR titles from Sony.


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