Which Type of Home Theater Solution Is Right for You?


The Difference Between Designated Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Have you been considering a home theater system for your Kona, HI home? Do you envision a cinematic experience with tiered seating and a dark room or a lively social gathering with friends? In Hawaii, where the coming together of friends and family is deeply rooted in our traditions, many choose a home theater system that goes by another name – the media room.

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What Is a Media Room?

A media room is a multi-use room designed for fun. Forget tiered seating and windowless rooms; this is the room prepared for parties. Yes, it has a projector or 4K HDR TV and surround sound that envelopes you, but it's more of a laid-back vibe. It's okay to talk during the movie, grab some poke and cone sushi, or pull out the Jenga or backgammon. And it's ideally suited for the big game day events.

Do you have a mega video-game player? Media Room. Does someone enjoy daily yoga or workout sessions while watching an exercise video or listening to their favorite tunes? Media Room.

The Makings of a Media Room

We can create media rooms in just about any area of a home, from basements to great rooms, game rooms, and family rooms. Many are comprised of over-stuffed love seats and couches or other types of relaxed seating arrangements. 

Some homeowners are concerned that the audio-video equipment will take over their space and detract from the aesthetics and décor of their home. Fortunately, technology has changed that at one-time accurate depiction. Today, high-end equipment can be hidden from view until movie night arrives. 

Audio Systems

At Control Freaks Hawaii, we partner with best-in-class brands to deliver our clients an unrivaled audio-video experience. One of these brands is James Loudspeaker, an industry leader in flawless sonic reproduction. Their barely visible ultra-high-performance architectural speakers can be mounted in-wall or in-ceiling with a compact subwoofer that brings out the deep bass. 

The sound seems to fill the air, surrounding you and your friends and family, who’ll be wondering just where the sound is coming from. 

Video Systems

While many of our clients opt for 4K and 8K HDR TVs that provide high resolution and high definition images that pop off the screen, some instead prefer large screens and the latest 4K ultra-short-throw projectors. We can hide either solution until ready for viewing.

Large flat-screen TVs can hide behind artwork. Samsung's Frame TV changes from 1,400 different world-class paintings into your TV. Lifts can raise or lower your TV from furniture, floors, and ceilings. And projectors can descend from the ceiling or hide in beautifully crafted cabinets.

When connected to your home automation system, one touch on your tablet, smartphone, or in-wall touchscreen, and the TV appears, the sound comes on, the black-out shades lower, the lights dim, and the fun begins.

Of course, for those that want the ultimate viewing experience, it's hard to beat a designated home theater with soundproofed walls, oversized leather reclining seats, zero ambient lighting, and high-quality audio and video. 


At Control Freaks Hawaii, we take the time to discuss your lifestyle and what home theater solutions best fit into your unique needs. Our goal is simple: to provide you and yours with a lifestyle that promotes ease of living and enjoyment. To learn more about home theater options or to schedule a complimentary consultation, call Control Freaks Hawaii today. 

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