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Smart Home Security Elements to Add This Holiday Season

Hosting Guests? First Learn How to Best Protect Your Home

Smart Home Security Elements to Add This Holiday Season

Upgrading your Maui, HI, home has never been so simple - or so complicated. On one hand, smart home security devices and systems grow more sophisticated every year, which streamlines operations within your home. But this also means you see a dizzying number of products to choose from, including the infamous DIY offerings that might not fully protect you.

The time leading up to the holidays provides the perfect season to add smart security to your integrated home. For example, during this time, we start to see a rapid uptick in preventable crime, like package theft, and more home fires from cooking and fireplace mismanagement.

In this blog, we drill down into some solutions we recommend to not only prepare your home for safe, happy hosting but also future proof your space for a new decade. Keep reading below for more!

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Motion and Environmental Sensors

Detection devices throughout the home often find the first signs of danger, so don’t neglect them! Whether you’re using an occupancy sensor to detect movement or a smoke detector to alert you of a fire, consider them your first line of defense.

For example, the National Fire Protection Association reports that house fires account for four out of five fire deaths nationwide. Think of how many fireplaces you light this season or all the cooking you might do:  a smoke detector will clue you in when even a small amount of smoke floats around. This detector will then communicate with your other security devices to trigger an alarm and shut off your HVAC system to prevent air circulation – this aims to stop a fire in its tracks instantly.

Another helpful sensor that people neglect to add is a water leak detector. These seemingly low-tech devices can shield you from costly water damage to your home’s infrastructure or furnishings before it starts by detecting early water accumulation. Add them to vulnerable areas such as washing machine valves and faucets, or in basements if your home is prone to floods.


Integrated Lighting and Audio

Many people are unaware that they can use their lighting control system for safety, but you can actually multi-purpose its use to protect your home. On one hand, you can flash your lights at a criminal to warn them after you’ve seen a suspicious situation unfold via surveillance. That warning alone will often deter common holiday offenses, like package theft.

Security doesn’t always have a dark side! Use your outdoor lighting to usher holiday guests safely inside your home, too, using pathway lighting that activates as they pull up.

How does integrating your audio help? If you have a larger property, someone might only hear a faint warning if a smoke alarm triggers on the other side of the home, presenting dangers to sleepers. Integrated audio control streams the warning message to all the home’s AV sources so that everyone wakes up and evacuates.


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