How Can Motorized Shades Boost Your Design and Entertainment?


Motorized shades might not come to mind when you think of lifestyle and entertainment features you can add to your smart home. Though they can’t boast the flashiness and pure entertainment value of your 8K TV, you’ll learn what an integral part they play if you try to complete a smart home without them.

Are motorized window treatments the missing piece to your integrated home? As you’ll learn in this blog, they can fulfill your design and entertainment goals in unexpected ways. Read on to see why we recommend them.

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Design Perks

Homeowners today don’t want to compromise between form and function. Motorized shades do more to reach your design goals than you might imagine; let’s look at how they complete your lighting scenes. For example, you could attempt a “Romantic Dinner” scene without shades by dimming the lights, turning on some slow jams, etc. But if it’s the middle of the day, and light is pouring into your home – the mood you’re trying to set falls short.

We think of shades as gatekeepers of the light outside your window. Control Freaks Hawaii can program shades to rise, fall and close halfway based on specific lighting scenes: a circadian rhythm-based schedule or your unique preferences. The shades we install can fit into virtually every window, allowing for some breathtaking scenery reveals of your island surroundings.

Not to mention, the window treatments themselves can take on virtually every look. Lutron not only sells several models, like the stylish Roman and the ultra-modern, fascia-free Palladium, but custom designs each product in thousands of fabric options (and some non-fabric options, like wood).

Enhanced Entertainment

An airy, open media room concept is having a moment now. Unless you’re in a dedicated room without windows, motorized shades will prove themselves necessary within days of your media room completion. You might find yourself sitting comfortably somewhere watching a movie, when suddenly, you have to shift positions or strain your neck to avoid the annoyingly bright spot on your screen. Depending on where your TV and windows are, that glare might slowly travel across the display, and you’re then forced to move again. Solve this annoyance by installing motorized shades anywhere windows and screens coexist.

Of course, some people still prefer the traditional home theater design because they crave the escape that reminds them of going to the movies. You still have opportunities to add motorized draperies, but not for the reasons you might think.

Stun movie-viewing guests by adding a motorized drapery that integrates with your custom “Movie” scene. Also note that Lutron’s Kirbe model can drop and create an optical illusion of a widescreen format, evoking that “Old Hollywood” look that some cinephiles love.


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As you can see, a creative automated shades installation can do more than meets the eye. Ready to enjoy the diverse lifestyle benefits of motorized shades? Call our office at (808) 874-8019, visit our contact page, or chat with us using the box on the bottom right of your browser. Our team looks forward to speaking with you!

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