Living Is Easy When You Have Motorized Shades


Learn How Smart Window Treatments Offer Seamless Control and Convenience

In some of our previous blogs about smart shades, we discussed how they add beauty and unique ambiance to your home. Window treatments by Lutron and Hunter Douglas come in many styles, so you’re sure to find the perfect one to match your home design motif and even elevate it. However, lest we forget, motorized shades are . . . well . . . motorized! You control them seamlessly by tapping an icon.

In addition to elevating the beauty of your home in Maui, HI, they elevate your lifestyle and make living easy. This blog delves into the smart and automated features of motorized shades. Keep reading to see why smart window treatments are the perfect additions to your life and home.

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Convenient Shade Automation

It seems like everything is automated now. We have automatic coffee makers, automatic door openers, and even automated spam calls. If you go to a website, even the customer service chat feature can be automated through artificial intelligence. Why not bring some of that automation into your home? Similar to smart lights that sense movement and turn on, your motorized shades operate the same way.

For instance, as the morning sun rises, your shades “see” the light and quietly raise the shades or open the blinds in your room or throughout your entire home. In the evening, as the sun sets, they close automatically. If you prefer to have more control, program the shades to raise and lower at specific times during the day. Much like setting an alarm clock, it’s very easy to do. Imagine that! You’d never have to touch your shades again.

A Smart Way to Control Your Shades

But what if you want to take complete control of your shades? Automation is one thing, but seamless and remote control is very different. It puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to smart home control. Using a touchpad or even your mobile phone, you control every shade in your house without getting up from your seat. Perhaps you have a sleeping child, and you forgot to close the shades in his or her room. Simply open your app, tap an icon, and quietly lower the shades remotely.

Are you getting ready to watch a movie in your home theater? Program your shades with a “Movie Night” scene in your tablet. Tap the scene: the shades lower, the lights dim, and the movie starts. Or maybe you’re coming home from work later than you expected. Instead of leaving all the shades open and the lights off, open your phone app to lower the shades and turn on the lights. It gives your home the appearance of occupancy.

Add more convenience and luxury to your life with motorized window shades. Call Control Freaks Hawaii at (808) 874-8019 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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