4 Reasons to Switch to Motorized Window Treatments


Discover Why Upgrading to Smart Shades Is a Smart Choice for Your Home

Upgrade your home and lifestyle by starting with your windows! No, you don’t need to install new ones. Instead, give them smart window dressings with motorized shades and blinds. Changing your window treatments can have a dramatic effect on the ambiance of your rooms. By getting rid of dusty blinds and shabby shades and replacing them with motorized window treatments, you elevate your lifestyle and the look of your home in Kaanapali, HI. 

They also help you take a step into seamless home automation. With the push of a button, you control your window treatments wherever you are in your home. Want to know more about the benefits of installing smart blinds and shades? Keep reading for four reasons to upgrade.

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Seamless Shade Control

Why touch your shades if you don’t need to? With smart shades, you’ll never have to mess with cords and rods. Just press a button on your remote or smart home touchpad, and they respond automatically – raising and lowering at your command. Instead of walking around your house to close them when the sun sets or raise them in the morning, one icon tap does it all.Don’t want to touch anything? That’s easy too. Simply program your shades to operate on a schedule, and you have perfect and automated natural light control

Energy-Saving Window Treatments

Even traditional blinds and shades provide a certain level of energy savings, but smart window treatments take it a step further. You’ll see noticeable savings on your utility bill – especially in the summer. For instance, not only are Lutronblindsbuilt to block out the heat, but they also automatically adjust the amount of tilt based on the position of the sun for maximum comfort throughout the day. Your window treatments can also be integrated with your AC, so they adjust when they detect the AC is staying on longer. 

Stylize the Rooms in Your Home 

Window treatments from Lutron and Hunter Douglas focus on style as well as smart control. Available in hundreds of styles with a variety of material, fabric, and color options, they add an impressive enhancement to your room’s décor. These are premium window treatments – not the ones you’d purchase at a big-box store. That means you don’t ever need to settle for faux wood shades that give the appearance of luxury but fail to measure up. Premium smart shades and blinds dramatically enhance any interior design – no matter what your style may be. 

Added Security and Privacy

An excellent addition to your home security system, smart window treatments add another level of privacy and safety for your home and family. Because they operate on their own, they give your home the appearance of occupancy when you’re away. Automatically closing at night and opening during the day, they’ll make intruders think twice about entering your home. In addition, by using a smartphone app, you can control your blinds and shades from miles away. 

Would you like to have motorized window treatments in your home? Schedule a consultation by calling Control Freaks or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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