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Automate The Heart of Your Home with a Smart Kitchen

Streamline Entertainment and Cooking in Your Favorite Living Space

Automate The Heart of Your Home with a Smart Kitchen

You might have noticed that your kitchen attracts a lot of attention from everyone living in your home. However, when it comes to implementing smart home automation, the kitchen takes a backseat to other rooms. We wrote about another room that shouldn’t be an afterthought here.

Keep reading to learn why we think kitchens are a prime spot for smart home automation systems and devices, from tools that help you cook to whole-house audio built just for entertaining. We think you’ll be astounded at some of the upgrades we can add to your Lahaina, HI, home. Not to mention, we can’t think of a better time to start considering a smart kitchen than before the holiday season. Curious to see what technology is available? Keep reading.

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Integrated Fridges

Samsung and LG have been working on perfecting smart kitchen technology for several years now. LG’s AI platform, the Instaview ThinQ, also has Alexa built in to read out recipes and let you add items to your shopping list as you run out of ingredients, as well as being a powerful mini-entertainment hub. Enjoy all your favorite TV shows while cooking with the attached smart TV or explore your fridge contents in just two taps. You’ll appreciate this smart solution even more when you discover the remote-viewing function, showing you what you need to buy from the store while you’re there.

Samsung’s Family Hub fridge offers similar capabilities and also provides a digital touch-screen communication center for families to leave notes for each other, implement schedules and more.

Smarter Ovens

With smart oven technology on your side, you can check your food’s temperature and see inside your oven at any time. Both brands we mentioned above make oven ranges that connect with the rest of the smart kitchen, including the fridge, for superior control.

If you want to experiment with smart oven technology without committing to a full range, you can explore a countertop option like Tovala’s. Self-described as a “steam oven with a brain,” the tool can steam, bake, reheat, broil and toast a nearly endless variety of food items.

Need something for an even faster dinner? The AmazonBasics microwave syncs to your Echo devices so you can control your device with simple voice commands.

Catchy Kitchen Tunes

Maybe you’re looking for some upbeat tracks that motivate you through a challenging recipe or some mellow slow jams to dance to. Or perhaps you enjoy some motivating hip-hop music with your morning coffee to gear up for work. No matter your mood, you might find the most versatile use of your whole home audio right in your kitchen.

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