Motorized Shades to Enhance Your Laid-Back Island Life

Luxury kitchen with Lutron Palladiom shades on the windows.

Meet Lutron's Palladiom Roller Shades, the Quiet, Modern Solution for Relaxation

On a hot island afternoon, shade is a welcome friend. Motorized shades are the perfect solution to keeping the sun at bay for a refreshing afternoon of relaxation in your Maui, HI, home. 

Lutron's Palladiom shades provide convenient and automated protection against the sun's rays. Best of all, they are sleek and stylish and operate quietly to keep the atmosphere peaceful when you seek relief. 

Keep reading to learn other benefits of Lutron's Palladiom Roller Shades, the modern shading answer to greater relaxation in your Maui home.

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Quiet as a Whisper

Earlier versions of motorized shade technology were – let's face it – not quiet. Instead, the motor would grind and create a moment of unpleasant squealing. But, Palladiom uses Lutron's most advanced motor technology to ensure whisper-quiet operation. As a result, these shades are the quietest in the industry and are sure not to upset an afternoon of relaxation.

Modern Designs

Palladiom can complement any interior design scheme, as they come in various colors. You'll notice the perfect horizontal line they keep during operation, balanced to perfection. If you currently have a Lutron lighting control system in your home, you can pair the two and match the shades to your existing Lutron switchplates. That's an excellent option for homeowners who like to maintain a look of cohesion throughout their residences.

Long Lasting Battery Power

Operated with battery power, Palladiom has no wires to manage. Their active energy optimization technology optimizes the batteries to provide three to five years of power for your motorized shades, the most extended battery life of any shade in the industry.

Customize to Fit Your Home

Lutron provides many customization options to ensure you get something that fits your home. You can choose from sizes up to 12-by-12 feet, a variety of bracket finishes, and a wide range of fabrics to incorporate the perfect shade color and level to your spaces. 

Other Benefits

Aside from convenient sun protection, Lutron's Palladiom shades also offer homeowners customizable levels of privacy and a more energyefficient home. You can ensure greater privacy by choosing a darker shade level for your more private rooms, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Choose more transparent shading levels for your sunroom, where you'd still like to enjoy the view even when the shades are protecting you from the sun.

By drawing the shades during peak hours of heat, you can help insulate your home and reduce the amount of work for your HVAC system. In addition, using this type of programming will conserve energy and reduce your utility bills.

Learn more about motorized shades for your Maui, HI, home by contacting the team at Control Freaks Hawaii, and keep hanging loose while living that perfect island life.


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