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Protect Your Paradise on Earth From Damaging Power Outages

The silhouette of an electrical transformer in the sunset.

Whether you live in Hawaii full-time or only visit the island parts of the year, make sure your smart home systems are always protected!

During the past few weeks, power outages in Hawaii have been a rather common occurrence due to intense weather. This has prompted residents and businesses alike to take some preventive measures, such as conserving water. For part-time homeowners that don’t live permanently on the island, this might be only a minor inconvenience, but the truth is that the hassle of power outages reaches even those who only visit on weekends or summer vacations. 

Power outages are known for damaging electronic systems and devices. If you are a luxury homeowner, you probably rely on technology on a daily basis to make your living experience more enjoyable, comfortable and luxurious. 

Keep reading this blog to learn more about how Control Freaks Hawaii can help you protect your electronics during this time.

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Are Power Outages Really Bad for My Electronics?

Damage to appliances and smart home features is common during power outages, but it rarely happens because of the loss of power. Usually, the problem arises when energy comes back and the voltage is higher or lower than the proper amount. If the voltage ends up too high, your electronics will suffer a surge, which can cause a tiny blast that burns your components. 

These surges tend to impact entertainment systems, computers, refrigerators and more. Appliances often continue to work even after a surge, leading many homeowners to believe their electronics are safe. In reality, large amounts of electricity constantly reaching your devices will damage their internal wiring, as surges physically burn the wires in your appliances. This will lead to a reduced lifespan and, if power outages keep occurring, the total death of your devices. 

Here’s What You Can Do To Protect Them

At Control Freaks Hawaii, we want to help you keep your spaces safe and functional at all times, whether you use them every night to relax before bed or only enjoy the luxury of the Hawaiian landscape every once in a while. 

For this reason, we provide unique service plans that will ensure the health of your smart home. Our tech support team is there for you nights and weekends to resolve any issue that may come up, and you can reach a service technician 24/7 to begin remote troubleshooting. In addition, we offer a system monitoring service that allows us to track the well-being of your devices remotely and fix problems before they become an inconvenience or before you even notice there has been a problem.

At Control Freaks Hawaii, we want to help you live your best life, whether there’s a storm or the most splendid weather outside. Are you ready to sign up for a service plan that will protect your home from power outages? Contact us right here to learn all about it.

We look forward to working with you!

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