Create the Ultimate Home Conference Room


Today’s Home Conference Technology Creates Easy, Professional Solutions

Are you one of the few that get to work from your Maui, HI home? According to The Atlantic, only 21% of employed Americans are still working remotely. Lucky you. Or maybe you’re a business owner who found your staff could work from home and still accomplish their many tasks and responsibilities. Time to get rid of the office and reduce costs!

Whatever your backstory, creating a home office with a professional conference room design is paramount to building confidence in both clients and staff. Fortunately, today’s technology makes that possible.

At Control Freaks Hawaii, we partner with best-in-class brands that define luxurious ease of living. You don't have to set up the camera, position the lights, turn down the music, put your business shirt on, and rush to your office chair in time for the conference. Actually, you may have to get your top half camera ready, but we’ll program the rest to happen with just one touch on your tablet or smartphone.

Let’s explore how we make this happen and the best practices for a dynamic conference room.

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Dedicated Video Conferencing

Crestron has long been known as the home automation system for large and luxurious estates. Part of the reason this brand works so well in these environments is due to their custom programmability. If you can dream it, we can program it.

In 2020, Crestron developed the first fully integrated conferencing solution for smart homes. Partnering with Logitech and Zoom, Crestron’s HomeTime offers premier video conferencing and home control. You no longer need a laptop to join the Zoom meeting. Instead, use the flat-screen TV in any room, the MeetUp 4K camera, and the advanced beamforming microphone for the best viewing and audio experience imaginable.

Whether you’re discussing a potential client's pain points, conducting a staff meeting, or connecting with friends and family on the mainland, HomeTime offers the ultimate in-home video conferencing experience. If you prefer Microsoft or another collaboration platform, we can make that happen too.

The Sound System

When combined with Sonance architectural speakers, you'll experience an unprecedented sound quality and coverage. Even when installed throughout the home, you won't even know they're there. The speakers match small aperture downlights, making them nearly invisible.

Your meeting and conference call can follow you wherever you may wander. With the installation of Sonance landscape speakers, you can even take the conversation out into the yard and enjoy the Hawaiian sun while discussing the latest acquisition.

Ease of Use

Installing the finest equipment and technology in your home office offers little in the way of improving your lifestyle or business meetings if the system requires an IT tech each time you want to have a meeting. We’re committed to making the process easy.

From one easy-to-use platform, you can control video conferencing, scheduling, sharing content, and a room's electronic equipment. When combined with home automation, one-touch on your tablet, smartphone, or in-wall touchscreen and the lights change to the perfect hue and temperature, the blinds adjust, the music turns off, and the camera turns on. 

At Control Freaks Hawaii, our mission is to exceed our client’s expectations, offering the ultimate customized home automation technology that’s easy to use and makes life a little sweeter. To learn more about the many home video conferencing solutions or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Control Freaks Hawaii today.    

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