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Will investing in Home Automation increase your Property Value and sell your home Faster?

The Answer is YES!

Whether you are selling your home or want to increase the value, integrating Home Automation solutions can really affect the overall Market Value of the Property.
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Recently, the Consumer Electronics Association released a study that said almost half of surveyed homeowners have a Smart Thermostat for automated Temperature Control. Over a third surveyed, indicated they have an integrated Security System with only 10% owning a Camera System and 6% installed programmable Door Locks in their home. The survey results show that the products that can offer energy efficiency are leading the Home Automation technology market, with the goal of saving money being the prime motivator.

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CNET's joint survey with Coldwell Banker asking home owners about their experience with Home Automation Systems and discovered that 28% already own some kind of smart automation product. According to this CNET survey, those already-installed smart devices could make a huge difference in how much and how quickly a home buyer might spend on their home purchase. In addition, the results show 91% of homeowners who have these Home Automation Systems would recommend it to others. Lastly, 81% of current home owners state that they would be more willing to buy a home with Home Automation Systems in place, while 66% say they would leave their Home Automation Systems installed if they thought their house would sell faster as a result. This survey really shows just how important Home Automation Systems are becoming in making homes more valuable and easier to sell on today's rapidly moving real estate market.

Smart Home Technology

The goal is to have as many of your Appliances and Systems in your home can be controlled at the press of a button. Depending on the type of Home Automation Systems you integrate into your home, this technology is still not found in many existing homes and can add to the market value of your home. We put our customers in control of every part of their house, like Audio, Video, Lighting, Shades, Security, Camera, Pool/Spa and Temperature Control. We usually use one solution to control all of these Systems, making it easy, simple and reliable. This type of convenience is really appealing to home buyers who have no time looking for a sense of safety, security and energy efficiency, which Home Automation Systems provide.

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The real benefit of integrating Home Automation Systems into the home if that it will not only sell your property quicker, but these Systems will increase the overall market value. It has been shown that these Systems can increase the home's value by 3-7% or more. Home buyers are proving Lighting and Security Systems are the most popular options when touring a home. Additional Home Automation Systems that can also add the most value include Audio, Video, Shade Control, Automated Door Locks, Smart Thermostats, Security Systems and Cameras that are accessible remotely by phone or mobile device. These Systems may seem expensive, but with the right integrator they are actually quite affordable and will instantly add value to your home. In addition, home owners are saving a lot of money on their utility bills, Home Automation adds convenience and increased safety for the home, especially when our customers are on vacation or away from their house. Whether it’s the initial cost of the Home Automation equipment or the ongoing cost for the Service, the perception is that Home Automation Systems are too expensive. The reality is that the solutions we recommend fit most budgets and each System can be installed in separate phases over time until the entire home has been automated.


When you’re ready to sell your home or if you have a new home under construction, learn more about Home Automation technology by contacting us for a free consultation, where we simplify technology and put our customers in control!

In the mean time check out our online Smart Home Demo that shows you how you can control the Living Room TV, music, streaming content, DVD player, lights, shades and temperature!


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