4 Signs That You Need Distributed AV in Your Business


We get it: It’s easy to chalk multi-room audio and video technologies up to a “nice to have” item, especially if we’re talking about something flashy like massive digital signage panels or music zones inside every room, including your restrooms.

But did you know that you can find practical applications for distributed AV? Take a look to see why it might even increase profitability within your Maui, HI, office. Keep reading for some signs that your office could use a distributed AV system.

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You’re Struggling to Manage All Your Disparate AV Devices

If you added up how much time your team has collectively wasted on setting up conference rooms or learning how to use AV equipment, you’d likely measure the lost time in days. A user-friendly control system, like Control4, could consolidate all of your automation office functions - from HVAC to lighting automation to security - onto one control panel. Unless you’re running an IT company, your staff isn’t trained to wire equipment, so our distributed AV installations will let them get back to the work you hired them to accomplish.

Sharing Content Proves Difficult

Have some notes you want to add to the presentation via digital whiteboard? Or want to show an impromptu video to illustrate your point, mid-meeting? If you have to click around for too long, your audience will likely miss your actual point. Likewise, you can’t enjoy full collaboration if everyone is fighting over a single HDMI cable. Solve the AV distribution tension with a communication platform like ClearOne, and employees will focus less on how to share and more on engaging with your meeting.

Your Music Is Hard to Control

Even when you have one music zone in your office, you have to manage your volume. Let’s say you have a sound system in your lobby where you usually play loud music, but a serious prospect walks in. Now imagine your music is too noisy or inappropriate not only in one, but in 20 different zones. Fix your selections in seconds with a zoned music control system. Control4’s Active Media bar features let you swipe through rooms and instantly manage playlists, volume and more - or even disengage all sound in seconds.


You’re Overlooking Non-Equipment Needs

Many businesses treat their AV needs like a checklist, and they tick off boxes as they acquire the highest-end audio gear or projectors to show their clients. Even if you’ve decked out your conference room with the latest gear, you need a professional integrator to place your equipment, consider acoustics and lighting needs, and design a space that fits your aesthetic goals. Installing with all of these requirements in mind takes time and effort to do on your own, but our team of experts at Control Freaks Hawaii knows what to look for as soon as we walk into the room you plan to upgrade.

Ready to see the benefits commercial AV distribution and control can bring to your business? Don’t wait: Call our office at (808) 874-8019, contact us here, or chat with us using the box on the bottom right.

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