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Key Features Your Boardroom Automation Systems Need By 2020

Keep Up with Modern Business Trends and Engage Employees!

Key Features Your Boardroom Automation Systems Need By 2020

Now that we’re moving into September, our attention turns toward the fall season and even the upcoming holidays. We know you’re well aware that in the corporate world, this means the imminent start of Q4. Maui, Hawaii-based Business owners in every vertical understand that these last three months are their prime time to attract key prospects and strengthen client relationships.

No matter what your business goals are to end the year right, your success relies on the modernized A/V communication systems. We live in a rapidly changing business world, where clients and employees alike aren’t always local. What are you doing to keep up with them? Control Freaks Hawaii can help bolster your boardroom automation systems so that you’re positioned well to head into the next quarter and a new decade. Keep reading for three tools we know will help you!

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Video Conferencing

A global survey found that as many as 70 percent of employees work from home at least once per week around the globe. Remote work carries vast benefits to managers, including a sharply reduced employee turnover rate, higher satisfaction and even decreased costs per employee.

Although remote workers report an average overall higher job satisfaction rate than in-house employees, they often feel sidelined and crave more interaction. Robust video conferencing has all but replaced the central office. Clarify communication with the right speakers, camera equipment and a robust internet connection, and each meeting participant will feel as though they’re right there in the room. Whether you prefer Zoom, Skype, RingCentral or another platform, we can set up your Control4 system so you can start a meeting in seconds.

Interactive Whiteboards

If you want to combine the perks of visual tools with hands-on application, there’s no better place to start than interactive whiteboards. While you’re giving a presentation, meeting attendees both remote and in-office can collaborate by adding notes, highlighting information and more – all on one whiteboard. Visual and contextual learners will especially benefit from a presentation that they can see, edit and save for later use.

Everyone in the company can thank the cloud-based backup for keeping all meeting notes intact, letting you reintroduce any brilliant ideas or suggestions presented or report any key findings.

Scheduling Software

Some of the most embarrassing and completely preventable business gaffes arise when employees don’t book meetings correctly. We’re sure you’ve been in situations where a software glitch let you double-book a room, and you ended up interrupting someone else’s session. Even worse, maybe you’ve prepared all your major talking points but failed to book your meeting space.

Prevent these common pitfalls with scheduling that connects to your boardroom automation system. In just a few seconds, you can add a meeting room, invite attendees and set a presentation scene so that everything is prepped for a successful meeting.

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