Harvest the Daylight in Your Home!


When you think of harvesting, most people picture something that we can plant in a garden. Did you know we can also harvest the power of sunlight for your Kihei, HI home? Taking advantage of the natural sunlight will reap many benefits, such as increasing your comfort and sense of well-being, saving energy and protecting your interiors. Keep reading to see how Control Freaks Hawaii can add motorized window treatments and transform your perspective on lighting your home.

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What We Use

Control Freaks Hawaii  uses Lutron and Control4 lighting systems for our lighting automation. We love working with Lutron because they provide design flexibility in its various color, fabric and functionalities. Lutron’s Caseta shades can be configured to work with your central control system and coordinate with other automated services within your home.

Control4 functionalities also integrate well with other elements within your home. For example, we can connect your Control4 devices with your Alexa, so that you can tell Alexa to raise the shades, even from your smartphone.

Increase Comfort and Well-Being

Studies have shown the effects on lighting and our sense of happiness. By staying true to our natural, circadian rhythms, we can benefit from improved moods and more energy.

Unfortunately, our reliance on blue light during all times of the day has disrupted our balance and lead to loss of sleep, anxiety and low energy. Motorized shades combat this lethargy by opening when the sunlight is at its brightest. Think of them as a dimmer switch that dials the sunshine up or down. Your window treatments can lower at night, securing your home’s privacy, and lift up the next day to let in every bit of light.

Save Energy

At Control Freaks Hawaii, we want to preserve our Hawaiian paradise, and that starts by protecting our natural resources. Motorized shades give you a simple, effective way to reduce your carbon footprint by keeping cool breezes out and air conditioning/heat-treated air inside. Your home will feel more comfortable the all-natural way, all because you made the best use of your treated air within the house.

No need to waste energy by turning on every light in your home, either! Sensors within your window treatments will detect the amount of lighting infiltrating your room and open if it’s bright outside.

Protect Interiors

We’ve probably all seen a piece of leather furniture or an expensive rug ruined, all because of a stray sunbeam glaring through the window. Sunlight can bleach wood and most fabrics more quickly than you’d imagine. Maintain the look of your favorite possessions with motorized shades that you can program to close from anywhere, including your smartphone. 

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