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3 Signs You Need to Invest in a Commercial Surveillance System Now

See Yourself in One of These Scenarios? If So, Don’t Wait to Install a Security System.

3 Signs You Need to Invest in a Commercial Surveillance System Now

All too often, it’s easy for business owners to take commercial surveillance systems and alarms for granted because most news stories involve residential incidents. Plus, you might assume that there’s a “strength in numbers” phenomenon that protects you from burglary, natural disaster or other compromising situations. In this blog, we’ll expose some of your vulnerabilities and explain why you might need a commercial security system sooner than you think.

Is your Maui, HI, office truly protected? If not, read on to see which tools you should implement soon and why.

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You Travel Frequently

If you turn on your “Out of Office” message constantly and easily rack up the miles for yearly international vacations, we can guess that you’re a bit of a road warrior at work. When your in-office time is limited by frequent travel, we understand that you might feel a bit disconnected from your employees and their safety.

You’ll enjoy the peace-of-mind benefits that remote monitoring provides you by letting you control all of your safety tools from anywhere around the world. Get notifications, zoom in on suspicious behavior using your pan-tilt-zoom camera, arm your system and more.


You Have Night-Owl or Third-Shift Employees

Flexible schedules continue to grow as attractive benefits to employees, as workers find a healthy balance between work and family demands. Many verticals, including technology and creative fields, support employees that come into work whenever they feel most productive, often outside of 9 to 5 hours. Others, such as manufacturing, customer service or hospitality, require around-the-clock staffing.

Employees entering or leaving work this late might have some safety concerns such as walking through a dark parking lot, leaving their car or possessions unmonitored, or letting the wrong person into the building. Minimize their worries with a complete surveillance system, alarms, smart locks and access control that they feel comfortable using. Control4 connects to a vast network of security tools that your staff can manage from the same platform as their lighting control, HVAC, and distributed AV.

You Want to Deter Many Types of Criminals

Though you might not want to, think like a criminal for a moment: Imagine if you had planned to burglarize a company, and suddenly a light turned on as you approached the property. Wouldn’t you consider fleeing the scene? Make sure you give criminals more obstacles as they advance. If a light doesn’t deter them, a loud alarm and a security sign might. We’ll make sure to implement window sensors in case the criminal decides to enter that way.

We naturally associate criminals with burglary-related crimes, but theft isn’t the only crime to watch for. Maybe your office lives in a high-risk neighborhood, where vandalism affects properties. Or perhaps squatters inhabit nearby areas and you want to avoid anyone intimidating your employees or using valuable space surrounding your office. Visible cameras, lights and alarms should halt this criminal activity.


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