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3 Entertainment Events, Optimized by a Custom Home Theater System

A Look at What You’ll See in Your Home Theater Soon

3 Entertainment Events, Optimized by a Custom Home Theater System

Have you ever noticed that some of the best entertainment arrives during the winter season? Not only do streaming services like Netflix offer some of their choicest picks during the winter, including Oscar shoo-ins like Marriage Story and The Irishman, but you also have exciting sports events and awards coming your way soon.

Here in Lahaina, Hawaii, we get the best of both worlds because we can also take this exciting entertainment outdoors to the patio. Even though cold weather doesn’t affect us, keep reading to see why we suggest updating your AV system before spring. Whether you wish to host parties or spend time unwinding in your home, all of the ideas below require high-quality sound and video, as well as comfortable seating. Why should you upgrade your home theater system now? Read on.

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The Super Bowl

Ready or not, professional football’s biggest event is right around the corner, where the NFL’s top teams will fight to become the Super Bowl LIV champions. But simply watching the game doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the immersive experience you deserve. It’s important that you choose a screen with a high refresh rate to catch every moment of action as though you had club seats at the game. Our team recommends 120Hz to avoid motion blur.

Surround-sound audio will also place you right in the center of the action. We recommend the object-based Dolby Atmos setup because it gives each sound a lifelike quality, making it seem as though it’s coming from multiple directions. You can pinpoint the starting point of a chant or a “boo” and hear as it’s taken up and moves around the stadium. The PA will announce touchdowns and penalties from above you, exactly as if you were right in Miami Gardens. Just add snacks, and you have your most impressive Super Bowl party yet.

Awards Season

Winter is rife with flashy award seasons for movies and films. The Golden Globes recently occurred, generating buzz for the upcoming Oscar season. See the red carpet looks in all their splendor with a high-definition 4K or 8K TV that will display the designer looks in detail and augment the musical performances you’ll hear all evening. Not much of a movie buff? Then the Grammy Awards might be more your jam.

Oscar Nominees

Of course, watching the Oscars isn’t nearly as fun as when you’re lacking context regarding which movie or actor is which. You’ll get so much more from the evening if you watch each featured film and can spark debates regarding which movie should win Best Picture and which performances truly stole the show.

Host an Oscar-nominee viewing night with friends or family before the awards to get through as many films as possible. Take in the lush cinematography and heart-warming dialogue in Little Women or the rousing musical numbers in Rocketman. Comfortable seating keeps your attention on each movie so that you can savor a do-nothing day. We will also check that your screen position and size work with your seating. No one wants to crane their necks or strain their eyes while viewing.

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