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Five Ways To Win Your Super Bowl Party

5 Ways To Win Your Super Bowl Party!

We may be done with Turkeys, Christmas Trees and trying to live up to our New Year's resolutions, but this time of year is when our customers and sports fans around the country are preparing for Super Bowl 50.  
Here are five useful tips on how to score a Touchdown with your Super Bowl experience.
1.  What are you watching?
Whether you gather around in the Living Room for the Super Bowl or showing the big game in your own Home Theater Room it's important to view it on the right TV.  A High-definition TV or projector is usually what we recommend, but we are getting a lot more requests for 4K TV models.  Even though the Super Bowl will not be broadcast in 4K, the colors, brightness and clarity will be better on a 4K TV.
Multiple TVs give you the option of watching the game on one TV and a sports channel on another.  You can also impress the crowd by having the game play on all TVs simultaneously throughout your home.  
2. Does it sound like you are there?
You want to "feel" like you are actually watching the game from a seat in the stadium.  When you are enjoying the game and half-time performance, you will want to leverage a tuned and calibrated sound system instead of relying on just TV Speakers.  Most of the commentary will be coming from the center channel, while being supported by the front left and right speakers.  You can improve the experience by turning up the crowd noise that comes in through the surround channels.
Creating a "Super Bowl" themed music playlist that can play throughout the system or house during the pre-game coverage to get everyone pumped-up before the game.
3.  Are you in Control?
Most systems include an integrated universal remote that will allow you to manage not only the components, but the environment as well.  Hit one button on your remote or mobile app to prepare the room - lower the shades, dim the lights, and raise the volume. When the commercials come on, use the controller to adjust the volume, turn on the lights and remain in control by taking your smartphone or tablet with you.  You can even see your friends knocking on the door without getting up - just let them in with your wireless touch panel.  Use your"Super Bowl" themed music playlist to get your guests ready for the after-party!  Press a “Goodnight” button when the game is over and everyone has left that will put your house to sleep, turning off all lights and locking all doors. With the right control solution, your options are virtually limitless.
You will really enjoy controlling every aspect of your house from wherever you are, using your smartphone, tablet, PC, touch screen, remote or keypad.  We can provide and train you on an easy-to-use interface that allows you to manage your home effortlessly, despite the complexity that goes on behind the scenes.  
Check out our Living Room Demo at our company site for more information.
4.  Are you online?
Most of your guests are bringing their own smart phones/tablets for checking scores, online fantasy bets, statistics and using Social Media to share their experience. There are a lot of sports apps, including the official NFL app, that will give you more info than what’s on the TV screen alone.  You may also have guests, spouses and children choosing to stream their music, movies or TV shows instead of watching the game.  Many home routers work just fine, until there's a heavy load - don't let you network crash! 
A network is a home’s central nervous system for all communications and control. We’ll help lay a solid and reliable foundation that’s robust for today’s technology and for tomorrow’s.  A high-speed and secure network provides the functionality and protection you desire.  Since a lot of our services rely on a strong internet signal, all of our systems include an upgrade to their network.  We install enterprise level equipment at an affordable price to ensure our customers and their guests enjoy everything online without worrying about reliability, coverage and/or speed.
5. Who do you call?
Like the teams in the Super Bowl practice and prepare, so should you when preparing for the big game.  You can schedule us to come out and check the system ahead of your planned party, to ensure their system is working the way you want it to.  If you have a professionally-installed system, the time to make sure it’s all working properly is not that Sunday.  
Like a new car, today’s home electronics require regular maintenance to keep them tuned and working at their optimal performance. It minimizes system interruptions and extends the life of the equipment. Scheduled maintenance, remote monitoring, and management of your systems will ensure that when the “engine light” comes on, we will respond, often times without having to come to your house!  Our award winning cloud-based monitoring system allows us to detect, diagnose and resolve common issues without having to bother you at your home!
No matter how you choose to celebrate in the end-zone, we hope these tips combined with our unique services will make everyone a winner!
Don't forget we have March Madness and NBA Finals coming up as well!  If you would like to schedule a free walk-through, contact us and we can recommend specific services to make your hour smarter, simpler and more enjoyable!
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