Why Network Control is a Smart Move for Your Business


Maintaining your computer network is vital in the current business climate. No matter the size of the company or what industry you work in, it’s essential to keep your technology running smoothly and let customers find you online. At the same time, the number of your connected devices is more than likely increasing and the systems that depend on your network will become more complex.

How are you supposed to stay on top of your network needs in this environment? We have a solution: commercial automation. By installing systems to monitor your network in real-time and see how it is being utilized, you can find out where you can improve efficiency or where potential weak points might be. Keep reading below to learn why this smart building technology is worthwhile for Maui, HI businesses.

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Running all your automation systems through a centralized network can dramatically increase efficiency, both in terms of employee productivity and lower costs. Network monitoring lets you see how well your system is performing and take appropriate steps, which helps your workforce do their jobs more effectively.

Smart building technology offers additional efficiency benefits for your business or office. By centralizing control of your HVAC system, doors, lights, A/V components and more, you can make sure no resources are being wasted, which keeps your energy costs low. You also get a streamlined interface to monitor these systems and ensure everything is working properly.


If your network goes down, even for a short while, your business is in serious trouble. Depending on the severity of the outage, your entire operation could grind to a halt. What’s more, potential clients won’t be able to access your website if your server goes down.

Commercial network control and monitoring services help you find and address these outages before they become a problem. If you notice a sudden drop in performance or a particular part of your network always seems to lag, you can diagnose the issue and fix it before real damage occurs. Network control and monitoring systems also help you optimize your network by letting you see where you can make improvements.


For many businesses, being hacked is a much greater potential threat than a burglary or armed robbery. Your data and digital assets are incredibly valuable and need to be properly protected.

A central network control system is a powerful countermeasure to online threats like viruses and hackers. These systems are more secure than typical networks and cut down on the places where your network can be breached. If a data breach does occur, you’ll see it much more quickly and can contain the damage before it spreads.

Now is the time to make improvements to your network technology, before any problems arise. To learn more about our network monitoring and other smart building technology solutions, call us today at (808) 874-8019. You can also reach out to us online or click on the chat box in the lower right-hand corner of your browser.

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