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3 Unique Perks of a Low-Voltage Electrical Installation

Have you considered this energy-efficient lighting for your home? Take a second look here!

3 Unique Perks of a Low-Voltage Electrical Installation

When we talk about lighting, we often talk about how it looks and functions within the home as well as its plentiful benefits. However, we don’t discuss its electrical setup as much -- the foundation upon which many of these exciting smart home innovations are built. Whether you’re building a new home or retrofitting one, you’ll want to know more about this process.

Control Freaks Hawaii is not just a reputable integrator -- we perform electrical installation services that tie it all together. One area in which you’ll see multiple benefits from the integration and automation worlds merging is in low-voltage lighting, but it’s hard to find both of those talents within one company. Explore how our designated electrical team can help you, and three significant benefits an expertly laid low-voltage installation could have for your Maui, HI, home.

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A Dual-Focused Approach to Installation

Having both a designated integrator and professional electrical teams comes in handy when you’re building or retrofitting large projects. For example, a low-voltage lighting project involves some rewiring and fixture installations, which requires our electrical team to step in. We know how important it is to build a sustainable, buildable smart home, so we engineer electrical grids that we can service and modify later.

And if you want any of Lutron’s tunable lighting features, dimming or scene programming -- you guessed it, our integration technicians will bring their experience and skill to your installation. This dynamic duo within one staff helps us provide this end-to-end capability for every home project you have.

How Low-Voltage Lighting Works

Low-voltage lights are defined as those that run on 30 volts of electricity or less, significantly reducing your overall expenditure. By contrast, standard line voltage uses about 120 volts.

However, it might not be wise to add low-voltage lighting everywhere, since it’s too far from the transformer to reliably power a whole-home operation. For this reason, we love running low voltage lighting in any application where it is challenging to run full standard-voltage electrical conduit and wire. That’s why we often recommend this setup for recessed areas, landscape and patio lighting and accent illumination. Ready to see some additional benefits? Read on below.

Benefit 1 - It Conserves Energy Throughout the Home

Low-voltage infrastructure makes the most efficient use possible of your electricity by design alone, by letting you add more bulbs per circuit than standard line voltage does. Also, you most likely won’t even have to replace the bulbs, since low-voltage lighting only needs to convert power over once to fully function. Planning to use LED bulbs and fixtures with your installation? You might conserve additional money and energy.


Benefit 2 - It’s Safer for Landscape Lighting

Many homeowners first experiment with low-voltage lighting in their backyard. Low-voltage is a much safer lighting solution because it doesn’t require a conduit, allowing wiring to be directly buried with no exposed wire. We’ve found that many clients with pets and children choose this lighting option, since touching the light or cabling doesn’t pose a threat.


Benefit 3 - It Beautifies the Home

As we mentioned before, low-voltage doesn’t have the sheer power to be used everywhere. However, this lighting setup looks unparalleled where it best fits, imbuing a soft candlelight effect. Imagine highlighting your favorite landscaping or architecture with a welcoming glow that will delight guests and passersby.

You can’t lose when you’re beautifying your Maui home while also saving energy. Ready to see how a skilled electrical and integrations team can work together and transform your home? Call us at (808) 874-8019 or check out our online contact page. You can also click on the chat box in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser to speak with a customer service associate.

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