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3 Reasons to Enlist a Home Automation Company

3 Reasons to Enlist a Home Automation Company

Every day, we see a new integrated home technology emerge in a big box store. Security systems, lighting control and others arrive on shelves and promise comprehensive solutions for Lahaina, HI, smart homes. However, none of these standalone products boasts the reliability, scalability or convenience of a professionally installed, fully supported smart home that Control Freaks Hawaii custom-builds for clients like you. Keep reading to understand why working with a home automation company surpasses a DIY install every time.

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We Know How Design, Architecture and Technology Intersect

No two homes look exactly the same, and every simple-seeming installation demands more than first expected - two inconvenient lessons many DIY homeowners face. We at Control Freaks Hawaii know that you deserve an integrator that can appreciate each home’s plan and features and work painstakingly to find not only the right devices but to install a clean layout that complements your design, architecture and countless other needs.

For example, when we start designing home theaters, we look beyond the equipment that we need to install. Specifications like viewing angles, room acoustics and lighting needs all matter, and getting one of those details off can skew the whole project. We will look into placing the speakers for a full Dolby Surround 7.1 setup and installing your seating and display according to a preferred viewing angle. No matter how involved the project gets, we’re ready to provide much-needed expertise at every turn.

That’s where knowing the products comes in. We can look at your project details and think of just the right device that fits your exact need, which brings us to our next point.


We Understand How Our Choice Systems Work

We’re certified Control4 home automation installers, which means we know how to customize their products and harness compatible devices to create a whole-home setup that feels intuitive and useful every day. We’ve handpicked Control4 for its unsurpassed quality, decor features, outstanding security tools and integration compatibility with other features you want. Even if you have to try the latest DIY trinket, Control Freaks can integrate it into your system, with much less hassle.

You’ll Gain Convenience and a Support Partner

When you plan for a DIY installation, you’re practically asking for inconvenience. You might even put off your project for weeks because you dread the drilling, wiring and wall opening that it might entail. (And, wait - do you have all the necessary tools?)

This hassle compounds when you make even a small misstep during a novice installation. If something happens, you have already invested money in your product and undergone hours of work. Even worse, now you’ve torn up your wall, for instance, and no one else is there to clean up your mess.

Avoid these frustrations and gain a reliable installation partner for life by trusting the experts at Control Freaks Hawaii with your next project. We will support you every step of the way, whether we’re helping you tailor your design goals or scaling a project we started years ago. We also manage the electrical wiring that powers your smart home.


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Is that DIY solution you’ve been eyeing starting to look less appealing? If you’re seeking a seamless design-build process as well as an integration partner that you can trust, call Control Freaks Hawaii at (808) 874-8019, or contact us here to get started. We look forward to showing you how a professional touch can impact your technology’s design and function.