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2 Types of Homes That Need a New Electrical Installation

Control Freaks Hawaii Handles Even the Most Complicated Home Wiring Needs

2 Types of Homes That Need a New Electrical Installation

Homeowners often gravitate to Control Freaks Hawaii because of our decades-long electrical installation expertise that sets us apart from most integrators. Often, people seeking our wiring services do so for two reasons: Either they’re having a new home built, or they’re retrofitting an older residence.

From your multi-room AV and lighting control to your networking and HVAC, you won’t find a single home system that isn’t directly impacted by your electrical setup. Let’s explore two instances where we can help homeowners have cost-efficient, smooth-running and safe homes, no matter how old your Maui, HI residence is.

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New Builds

If you’re custom-building your dream home, working with a seasoned smart home installer with a dedicated electrical team provides major advantages. Our team will run wires, install circuit breakers and bring in any smart device you want.

Once we’re finished, you’ll enjoy an electrical setup that’s efficient, safe and allows for system expansion. We base our electrical wiring on a grid that we can modify to meet your smart home’s growing needs. And, of course, our installations always meet National Electrical Code fire and safety requirements.

Retrofit Projects

From a 1930s Tudor style to a 1950s mid-century modern sanctuary, older homes provide a stunning street view and interior quaintness that’s hard to match with something you just built. However, the wiring installed in some older homes presents dangers.

Homeowners face safety challenges today when they try to fuse this older home infrastructure with the latest integrated technology. Retrofitting requires adjustments that only we seasoned pros should do. During your consultation, we’ll pinpoint all hazards, such as exposed metal components, wiring built around insulation materials or what we call “overfused circuits.” Old wiring wasn't configured for today's smart kitchen appliances, for example, which may need 30-, 40-, or 50-amp service. However, the classic knob-and-tube system can’t safely carry 30+ amps without overfusing.

Consider the electrical fire dangers associated with outdated wiring, too. According to the US Fire Administration, leading causes contributing to the ignition of residential building electrical fires were electrical malfunctions (43%), unspecified short-circuit arc (23%), and short-circuit arc from defective and worn insulation (11%).

Don’t Neglect Your Wiring!

Time is of the essence regardless of when your home is constructed. If you’re building new, you should know that Control Freaks Hawaii works with the best local architects, designers and related professionals to make sure we all share your vision. As both smart home and electrical installers, we know how to tackle construction, programming, wiring and design challenges that may arise at any point during the process.

Did you know that the holiday season through January carries additional electrical fire risk? Peak demand for lighting, both seasonal or indoor, and HVAC heating overloads antique electrical components. If you’ve noticed any warning signs that we mentioned above, don’t hesitate to call us. Our skilled electrical and integrations team can retrofit your classic home for the new decade.

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