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Does Your Home Wireless Network Need a Boost?

How to Know When It’s Time to Enhance Your Home’s Network

Does Your Home Wireless Network Need a Boost?

One or two wireless devices might survive on your old home network, but if you have a full smart home setup, you’re going to need a stronger connection in your Maui, HI home. Implementing home automation and having all your systems and devices connected is great, but you have to lay a foundation first, and that foundation is your internet connection.

The experts at Control Freaks Hawaii can help you identify areas in which you can improve your home wireless network speed while creating a sustainable solution so that you can tie your TVs, audio, security, mobile devices, and more into one high-speed, secure network. Keep reading to learn more.

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More Reach

Maybe you’ve noticed a lag every time you start trying to watch a movie while other people in the house are streaming music simultaneously. Or perhaps you want the most reliable network possible so that you can connect more devices to your home security suite.

If you enjoy watching 4K and HD movies (who doesn’t?), you should know that a secure network is necessary because higher-definition streaming requires even more bandwidth than regular programming. And the last thing you want is to fail to connect to your security system because of a coverage gap.

Whatever your reasons, Control Freaks Hawaii is here to help you. We’ll set up wireless access points throughout your home and patio areas that cover every square foot, so you can enjoy connection from anywhere, even outdoors.

How Are We Different from Your Internet Service Provider?

As you know, your internet service provider (ISP) loves to ask for upgrades to your existing internet service plan. Unfortunately, they only take band-aid measures to improve your network reach, by adding additional routers and range extenders. Please rethink this cheap, unsustainable option.

So, what’s most likely to happen? Your internet will work well for a few days, and then you’ll start experiencing lags shortly after. Routers and extenders can only do so much. In fact, extenders can interrupt your connection. Basically, extenders jam up your network because they have to communicate with both the host and the server, consuming too much of your home’s bandwidth.

Preparing for the Future

We don’t just ready your home for the controls you want now; we like to think further into the future. Many homeowners start with basics such as security and automated lighting.

Then, they see how much they enjoy the power of smart home automation and want to expand. If your network isn’t prepared for you now, you’ll never have the bandwidth to create the integrated home of your dreams later on.

Control Freaks Hawaii can identify and install the right wireless network that supports the growing needs of your Hawaii home or getaway. You can call our office at (808) 874-8019, visit us online, or chat with us using the box on the bottom right. We can’t wait to talk to you!