Stuck at Home? Don’t Miss These Outdoor Entertainment Ideas!


We can all agree that social distancing has changed some aspects of our lifestyle, from our ability to freely roam around Maui to our tourism slowdown. At this point, shopping centers and restaurants are reopening, but it’s still less safe to go out than it used to be.

Many people still choose to spend most of their time at home, but it can get old staying cooped up within your four walls. We know you probably miss the carefree shopping and movie theater nights; however, with some creativity and help from a professional, you could have fun options even closer to you. Keep reading to uncover some outdoor entertainment ideas that will help you and your family stay happy and healthy at your Hawaii home.

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Pool Movie Night

You won’t miss the noise and crowds of your local cineplex once you experience a “swim-up” movie. As specialists in outdoor video as well, Control Freaks Hawaii can select the display that works with your outdoor TV area’s lighting. We have displays graded for full-sun, partial-sun and shaded spaces alike.

Imagine swimming up closer to your outdoor display until you’ve reached the ideal viewing and listening distance. Adjust the volume, rewind a scene or switch to a different movie without splashing water on your remote. Instead, use your voice to control it all. Even for outdoor applications, we can implement helpful scenes to set the tone: Say “Movie Night,” and your Control4 system will turn the display on, adjust the sound and dim the lights.

Just like at a commercial theater, lighting and sound play a pivotal role in your overall experience. For lighting, we can add some accent lighting along your pool for a safe trip inside to get snacks. Audio quality depends on careful distribution, so we’ll position speakers and subwoofers so that you can hear the movie from anywhere in the pool.

Outdoor Gaming

Let’s face it: You’re not taking full advantage of Hawaii’s beautiful weather when you’re playing video games in your dark basement. Switch it up by heading outdoors with the help of a durable, weatherproof TV display. We help you select the right screen based on the brightness of your chosen area, so you never have to worry about ambient light impacting your experience.

Your audio needs differ when you’re gaming outside than when you’re trying to disperse audio over a wider area, like a pool. Gaming requires more centralized speaker placement that puts you right in the center of an epic battle scene, an adrenaline-pumping race or even a cute island.



Much-Needed Spaces to be Social or Alone

The last few months have been challenging for mental health, for reasons as diverse as every person who has endured them. People living alone suffered loneliness as they were alienated from their friends, and couples and families yearned for more time alone. No matter which reset you might be in need of right now, a personalized entertainment space will help you relax and renew.

Our team at Control Freaks Hawaii can help you set up a dedicated listening garden outdoors. We can add warm lighting and surround speakers to a gazebo or garden to carve out a sanctuary for you. We can even outfit a den or shed with high-performance speakers and TV for your next get-together – that way, you can be within the same yard as your home but also get some quality time in with your best friends without intruding on anyone inside the house.

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