Why on Earth Would Anyone Need a Golf Simulator in Hawaii?

A luxury media/entertainment area in a Hawaii home with a custom golf simulator

You Might Be Surprised Why You’ll Want One

Most people dream of living in or retiring to Hawaii. But you're living the dream, enjoying Kona's calm waters, daily sunshine, and of course, the best part – indulging your obsession passion for golf year-round. So, In a place where you can be outside virtually anytime, why would anyone want or need a golf simulator

There are very good reasons why you may want one. Yes, even in balmy Hawaii. Still skeptical? Bear with us and keep reading below as we introduce you to our latest must-have item for your home – the aboutGolf (aG) in-home simulator.

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Play Golf At Night

You can't play night golf at the Mauna Kea course, but you can play all three Pebble Beach golf courses at home on your golf simulator. aG's virtual golf courses are remarkably realistic, using the terrain, trees, and foliage from the real course. Did you hit a tree on the drive? You'll feel it in the simulation. aG's highly accurate 3Trak machine vision helps make your virtual game feel real, with image collection data that's twice as fast as other systems. High-resolution capture and powerful analysis accurately measure velocity, launch angles, and spin no matter how you hit the ball. The aboutGolf system places you on the course and makes you feel like you're hitting the next shot from the course, not a simulator floor. 

Perfect Your Game

aG systems include powerful features that you can use anytime to hone your game in the comfort of home. aG Flix is a sophisticated 5-camera video recording system that captures your swing from every angle. You can analyze the swing with smooth video and compare yours against a pro with multiple swing sequencing. There are even teaching tools, so you can bring your teaching pro over for a private lesson and go into fine detail to sharpen your game. Your significant other will appreciate you even more, as you won’t be late for your dinner reservations!

More than Just Golf

The simulator’s state-of-the-art cameras, screen, and software are good for more than just golf. With the right integration from Control Freaks Hawaii, you can use your golf simulator for immersive movie nights, sports viewing, yoga practices, Zoom conference calls, and much more. You can also play games, whether the latest release from a game console or putt-putt golf that the whole family can enjoy together. A golf simulator is like a home theater on steroids. 

Are you ready to take your golf game and home entertainment to the next level with the aG golf simulation system? Reach out to our team today by filling out this online form or dropping a message in the chat box below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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